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Ways 3D Technologies Improve the Sales Performances


3D technology is the gateway into the market success you’ve been longing to discover. Wonder why? Let’s see together.

Having good sales rates is not an easy matter nowadays. The trouble is, the market is saturated with all kinds of products and ideas. Customers inevitably get lost in such an ocean of information, and many great ideas and concepts go unnoticed. It’s all the more frustrating since they totally deserved attention and could make lives of millions of people easier, happier or more comfortable. According to the marketologists, success tend to come not to a flawless product, but to a better advertised one!

To cut a long story short, creating an amazing concept is simply not enough nowadays. To become a market success, it’s necessary to somehow communicate it to the potential customers in the right way. You have to stand out in the crowd and fascinate the audience. Only then they will be willing to listen and understand what you have to say.

How then can one manage that?

3D is the answer to the question. It is the magic key to the emotions and imagination of your clients that catches their attention and fascinates their minds.

How to increase sales with 3D technology

According to prominent salespeople, there are 3 easy ways to increase your sales:

1. Increase the amount of customers – 3D allows to decrease the cost of marketing materials so business can get more buyers with the same marketing budget.


2. Increase the value of an average purchase3D services enables to increase the involvement of users in interaction with marketing content so the buyer would make the purchase decision easier and faster. For its technology leads to easy customizing, VR showrooms, AR applications.

3. Increase the purchase frequency of an average customer – 3D technology allows to create a new design for products easier and faster. This way, the buyer can upgrade it as often as he needs and create an updated line of products.

  • Before-Covering Customization
    After-Covering Customization
    Black Leather Covering Customization White Leather
  • Before-Product Option
    After-Product Option
    Plastic Legs Product Option Steel Legs

Who benefits from 3D?

Actually, quite a few industries have discovered the competitive advantages of 3D graphics. But most important are the following ones:

Product Design

Caution is another name for wisdom and a sure path to success. Which is why nowadays so many successful manufacturers work by pre-orders. They fill the website with the 3D models of their products and manufacture only as many as they need. No risks involved and no strings attached! 3D Modeling is here to save the day.


Architects who want to make an impact seek to create a detailed and spectacular visual presentation of their projects. To do that, they get a photoreal image or – even better! -a printable 3D model of the building complex in question. This way, they show the real object with all its sophistication, practicality and beauty.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is situated somewhere in between Product Design and Advertising. It’s incredibly hard to convey the concept through words since it doesn’t showcase the most important aspect: appeal to emotions of the target customer. 3D technology, however, allows to illustrate all these things! And there’s no need to invest in creation of the samples for demonstration.


In order to generate an emotional response and an impulse to buy, every object on sale needs to tell a story – whether it is a car or restaurant dish. It’s a whole science that people learn and practice, and it is rather expensive. Good news is that 3D graphics can do just that. Moreover, it is way cheaper and more practical than, say, a photoshoot. Here are the most important reasons:

  • The process of getting a 3D is way easier and cheaper than organizing a photoshoot.
  • There are so much more possibilities available! 3D graphics allow to create amazingly attractive and impactful static images of your product. Or you can make your website more interactive through animations, virtual tours or 360 degrees views. Your customer will reach out to the product and touch it through the screen, and get a full experience of purchase.
  • 3D models can be used more than once: The 3D model for the product created this year can serve as a great basis for a next generation product. Working on design variations like changing colors or textures – is a piece of cake for designer when he has the 3d model!

Real Estate

How wise developers convince the investors that the breathtaking concepts they present are both viable and profitable? By immersing them into the reality of what will happen if the project in question is approved. With 3D technology, they channel the most powerful of human receptor systems – the visual one. This way, they transmit more information and thus give the project the best chance.

    3D technology: getting even more opportunities

    But you can go even further than that. Want to have some even more powerful competitive advantage? To communicate the message to your target audience and make an impact, here’s the range of products you can turn your 3D model into to immerse the client into the reality of your project or offer.

    3D Printing

    Without any doubt, 3D printing can be called the breakthrough of the century if not the millenium. Literally, 3D printing liberates imagination from any limits. It enables manufacturers to experiment with any materials, shapes and colors. Furthermore, it is possible to operate at an incredible pace. Once the design is worked out, the manufacturer gets a 3D model and in a few hours – the item is printed! Even more than that. With 3D printing, the production line becomes so flexible, that it is possible to offer the client to customize the object he wants to buy.

    3d printing


    Virtual reality is an innovative technology that is only beginning to conquer the market. Nevertheless,there’s no doubt as to the limitless possibilities it offers for showcasing and promoting the products and projects. The unique point of VR technology is that it recreates multiple sensory experiences. It engages not only the visual sensory system, like most. Much more than that: it provides information as well for the hearing, touch and even smell. Needless to say, it gives incredible amount of details on the building project and leaves a profound impact. The experience is quite unique. One can be sure that its project gets the attention it deserves. So, many wise architects have taken their clients to the virtual tours of their building designs.

    3d for VR solutions


    This type of 3D technology is relatively new. However, its popularity increases steadily, especially in such spheres as Architecture, Visual Art, Medicine, Construction, Video Games, Industrial Design, Marketing and many others. Incorporation of Virtual Dressing Room, for instance, enables the customers to try on the clothing or accessories. No need to worry about whether the product will fit – the customer will know that for sure. Same goes for the furniture: AR technology eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong size for the sofa or chest of drawers. Moreover, architects and developers use AR to bring their floorplans to life and show the end product in virtual reality using specialized software and the 3D model. As a result – a detailed and highly impactful presentation!

    3d for AR solutions

    How UFO 3D technology saves time and money

    The best part about 3D is that after the purchase, it can serve lots of different purposes. It will only contribute to a consistent advertising campaign, and the benefits of that are worth a more close examination. You fill your website with a high-quality 3D content – and it’ll serve you right by attracting new and new customers. Incorporate a 360 view – and the clients will be able to appreciate the incredible quality and wonderful design of your product. It will convince them to buy more than anything else, and make them come back as well. Much like with high quality service in the shop! Only without investing any additional funds or hiring and training people.

    Need quality 3D solutions to market your project? UFO will gladly help you! Not only will we create an outstanding visualization of your amazing ideas, but we will also provide a consultation on the best choice of format to meet your project’s needs. Contact us to find the most suitable solution for your business!

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