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How Businesses Use 3D Technology to Forecast the Product Demand


3D services for forecasting demand? How is that even possible?

Actually, it helps a lot. Though the technology is new, quite a lot of companies have recognized its enormous potential in that field and use it with success. Let’s see how.

Launching a new product on the market has always been considered a venture. For it’s so much easier and safer to stick to mainstream products. You don’t have to invest loads of time and resources into production, advertising campaign, warehouses, logistics and so on. Who knows whether the product will find its niche? Not a chance of any guarantees.

On the other hand, if you don’t have creative ideas you are passionate about and not really ready to assume the risks, you are unlikely to see your dreams of success come true. Big success has always been about trials and errors. This time, your product failed, but next time you get lucky.

Does it really have to be that risky though? For times have evolved. 3D technology made a revolution on the market. It protects you from unnecessary waste of money and resources and gives you insights into what your target audience think.

In many ways, 3D services fulfill the functions of a Research & Development Department.

3D Services instead of Research & Development Department

Want to see what kind of new product the customers really need? Develop a few 3D versions of the same product. That is much cheaper and faster than to produce them all physically. 3D technology allows you go faster to the next stage – testing it without wasting production costs and unnecessary risks

Developing new products

  • Before-New Set
    After-New Set
    Item1 New Set Item2

Testing Products

Products become best-sellers when they correspond to what the customers want. Nowadays, this situation is totally possible to prevent owing to 3D modeling services. When you get 3D visualization for your products, you can judge the popularity of models. Moreover, you can ask the customer for feedback on design and special features they might want you to add. This way, you’ll get a product that is truly unique and tailored to their needs. It simply can’t fail!

product 3d rendering

Manufacturing Technique Improvement

3D services will make the manufacturing process much easier and faster. For to create a product rendering, one needs to think of and provide all the details. As a consequence, manufacturers can find and correct all flaws and imperfections, as well as discover new ways of improving models.

closeup product rendering

Upgrading Old Products

Sooner or later, even the best products fall out of demand. Instead of removing them from the product list altogether, try to breath in new life into them. Think of some new features and updates that they miss and upgrade the model. All you have to do is to get 3D renderings of your products made, maybe even a few versions for each, and see how the demand grows.

product 3d rendering

But that’s not all! 3D services can do even more for your business.

How 3D technology can lead you to the success of the project

3D mitigates risks

Owing to that, you no longer need to invest your money into manufacturing, promoting and storing the product you are not sure about. You can simply get the 3D models of your products and display them online. Many manufacturers started by working exclusively with pre-orders! This way, you’ll be able to see the demand for each particular item and learn the chances it has to succeed.

3D services give the opportunity to correct design flaws

Obviously, you’ve done your best to turn the object you want to sell into an absolute perfection. However, as we all know, mistakes occur to the best of us anyway. We all know the examples of how even the market leaders had once to recall their production from the market and sustain huge loss! Needless to say, being able to correct the mistake before the production stage is a huge advantage. And a great way to prevent embarrassment and wasting money.

3D technologies enable you to expand your business and explore new markets

If you decided to branch out to another market, 3D services give you the chance to explore it first. You don’t need to dive into a completely new and unexplored field. Many businesses have done it with great success by simply using 3D models images of the new product on the websites, in print media and ads campaigns.

3D solutions allow to customize the models

While getting orders through the site, you might discover quite a few crucial facts for production. Like that women have a tendency to choose the phone cases in sunshine yellow, while men – in jet black. And that this particular hue of purple doesn’t get much attention from either group. Based on this, you’ll know for sure in what colors it’s wise to produce. You’ll save so much money you could have spend on those purple cases!

UFO 3D services allow for a careful planning. And that saves money

Your demand planning will be so much more accurate, since it’ll be based not on some general statistics, but on real-life practice. With time, you’ll get enough orders for the new product. That also means that you’ll get lots of invaluable data to forecast the demand with incredible precision. According to researches, careful planning saves billions of dollars to companies investing in it! This way, by being careful, you’ll join the market leaders.

3d modeling planning

To conclude, 3D solutions have revolutionized the entrepreneurship by making it so much safer. Instead of putting all your money at risk, you can start by exploring the demand first, tailoring the product if needed. Then, you will be able to use all data and experience collected to bring your idea to success and turn it into a best-seller.

If you want to launch a new product on the market – UFO will gladly help you to create quality 3D product models to forecast your market and explore new ways to expand new businesses.

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