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Who Benefits from 3D Modeling

Furniture Manufacturers

Jewelry Manufacturers

Watch Manufacturers

Appliances Manufacturers

Electronics Manufacturers

Fashion Designers

Tools that Used to Work


Give photorealistic quality

Are really expensive

Can’t show all product options

Can’t be made every week

Need post-production

Chair Design Sketch Compared to 3D Product Modeling


Give the main idea

Look stylish

Can’t convey some shapes, textures, materials

Need to be redone after design revisions


Give accurate dimensions

Don’t show sizes

Don’t showcase materials

Can’t convey textures

Aren’t fit for marketing and ads

Live Prototyping

Gives a complete vision of the product

Can’t show a lot of options

Are highly expensive

Take a lot of time

Material Samples Illustrated for Comparing with 3D Modeling


Showcase textures

Convey “the feel” of a material

Don’t give the whole picture

Don’t show the actual design

Product Marketer describing the product instead of showing 3D models

Verbal Description

Work for pitching

Are free

Require visual proof

Don’t form a shared vision

Unfit for production purposes

3D Modeling Services We Provide


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    6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From 3D Modeling Services

    A Magazine Ad for Watches Created with 3D Modeling

    Print materials

    Get breathtaking visuals that make your ads stand out — 3D rendering is the next way to create print materials. Nothing is out of reach: 16K quality, product shots for billboards, magazines, websites, and 4 times less expensive than photography.
    Preselling Furniture Designs with 3D Modeling

    Marketing Research

    Sell before manufacturing — and be a market visionary. With 3D product modeling services, there is no need to launch the product in order to learn if it will fit the market. All it takes is to get 3D models and collect reviews or presell online.
    Selling on Social Media with Custom 3D Modeling


    Always be top-of-mind — harness the power of social media. To stay on top of News Feeds, you need a lot of fresh content. And the only way to do it is by using 3D product rendering. You send a photo or 3D model – and get as many visuals as you need.
    Product Colorways 3D Modeling for an Estore


    Showcase your product fully. Choice is a powerful selling point, so it’s vital to show prospects all the options — in 360 view, allow them to change styles, materials, sizes, colors, textures. And the easiest and fastest way to do that is using CGI.
    3D Virtual Modeling Project for a Underwater Scooter

    Virtual Prototyping

    Raise money for launching your product through crowdfunding — the easiest way to bring your invention to the market. And with 3D product photography, you can get the visuals that will show off your product strengths before the item even exists.
    Product Design 3D Modeling and Printing

    3D Printing

    Use a faster and cheaper 3D printing technology to bring products to life. It’s the 4th Industrial Revolution: you only need a 3D model and 3D printer, and the piece is ready for shipping. We’ll take care of 3D models and you’re all set!

    3D Product Modeling Brings Success

    Our 3D Modeling Portfolio

    Watch 3D Modeling for a Accessories Design Project

    Watch 3D Model for Creative Product Ads...

    Photoreal Ring 3D Modeling in a Context

    High-end 3D Modeling and Rendering for a Ring Ad...

    3D Visualization for a Speaker Design

    Speaker 3D Render Showing the Product in Movement...

    3D Visualization for Elegant Shoes Design

    Shoes 3D Models in a Classy Scene...

    3D Render for Roller Skates Ads

    Roller Skates 3D Models in Context...

    3D Modeling for Coffee Machine in a Stylish Scene

    3D product modeling and rendering for coffee machine promo campaign...

    Car Interior 3D Rendering

    Photorealistic 3D rendering for a red Ferrari interior product image....

    Car Rendering With Impressive Seaside Surroundings

    Photorealistic 3D rendering of a beautiful car on a seashore...

    Collaboration As Easy As ABC

    Upload your files

    It’s crucial that we collect the data and evaluate the project first:

    • You send us a product photo, possibly taken by smartphone
    • You specify the 3D solution you want
    • We give you the project estimation


    This is when we do all the 3D modeling and rendering, while you can:

    • Track the project progress
    • Check intermediate results if you want
    • Communicate with the project team 24/7

    Get results

    At this stage, we submit results for your approval. Here is how it goes:

    • We send you preliminary results
    • You give feedback
    • You get your perfect CG visual

    Sounds Tempting?

    Overtake competitors with new solutions provided by UFO 3D

    On time or for free

    You can apply for timeliness guarantee. Then if we don’t deliver your project on time, you get them for free.
    Forecast the Market Demand with new solutions provided by UFO 3D

    Free revisions

    We can make as many adjustments as you need — for free, as long as they are up to 60% of the project volume.
    Increase your Sales Performance with UFO 3D Modeling Services

    Massive Online Library

    You get free access to our library with 47395 unique 3D models of furniture and accessories, and 6143 scenes.
    Start the Future Today - with UFO 3D Modeling Services

    24/7 Support

    You can ask questions to your project team any time you find convenient — we will always be there to help.
    Reliable Marketing Solutions with UFO 3D

    Always in Touch

    Our communication platform is available as an iOS app, so the project team is always within your reach.
    Increase your Profits with new solutions provided by UFO 3D

    No Scale Limitations

    Our 294 highly skilled 3D Modeling and Rendering Artists can create any number of CGI solutions you need.

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