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3D Visualization of Two Modern Cameras

Amazon 3D Rendering: 5 Ways It Boosts Sales

Amazon 3D rendering is the competitive edge allowing brands to fully take advantage of the marvelous features of the platform. Which is a must for successful sales! As TechCrunch reports, Amazon’s share of online spend in the United States amounts to a whopping 49.1%. Such popularity results in extremely high competition on the platform, with each business attempting to stand out among peers.

But how can a Marketer do it with mere photos and texts? Every Amazon listing includes such materials. What is more, many shoppers simply do not have time to read long text manuals, and pictures do not give them full information about the product. So even if the prospects like the item on an Amazon page, they often hesitate about making a purchase. 

Product renderings for Amazon can help solve these problems at once – and go above them. That is because CGI allows for shoppers to get a complete understanding of the potential purchases easily and quickly. This way, 3D rendering can increase the number of prospects who turn into buyers. How so? Let’s check out 5 ways CGI helps e-commerce retail businessmen sell more on Amazon.

#1. CGI Makes for Mind-blowing Product Shots on White

3D Visualization of a Water Filter on a White Background

White background images are a must on Amazon listings. Viewers value them highly as they enable distraction-free viewing of an item. So to get white background pics, Marketers used to opt for photography – hire a photographer, rent equipment and a studio, and arrange transportation of the items to and from the space. Which meant spending a lot of money which could be put to a good use in the creative campaign.

Now Amazon 3D rendering changed the rules of the game. It allowed getting white background pictures much cheaper and simpler. All Manufacturers need to do is click an image of the product with a smartphone and send it to a CGI studio. Based on the picture, skilled 3D Artists will develop a realistic 3D model which then can be used for creating lifelike white background images. This way, the Marketers can get materials for Amazon of the same quality as with photography, but for a lesser price and with no efforts on their part.

#2. Amazon 3D Rendering Evokes Emotions

Lifestyle 3D Visualization of a Metal Kitchen Tap

Nielsen report from 2016 states that consumers favour emotions over rationalism when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Turns out that brands that use emotional advertisements see a considerable increase in sales! That is because such ads help people connect with a product on an emotional level  which enhances the probability of a purchase. 

So it makes perfect sense for Marketers to fill Amazon listings with emotion-stirring visuals – the lifestyle imagery. It shows the items in context, not just displaying them but telling their stories.

And getting such pictures used to be a story of its own. Marketers needed to arrange for a construction of a separate scene for every product to be shot. This way, photography for roomsets was limiting with respect to the amount of time, manpower, and the budget. The biggest fear of a Marketer used to be that something goes wrong with the images. For example, the product won’t look that good in the chosen light or angle. For this would mean starting everything again.

Nothing of the sort is required for Amazon 3D rendering. First of all, it makes for a show-stopping lifestyle imagery. Unlike photography, CGI allows showcasing the item in any scene, be it interior design or open nature.

Furthermore, getting lifestyle 3D rendering services is super easy. All a Marketer has to do is to send photos or sketches and provide a description and references of the required environment to a CGI studio. The 3D Artists will create a photoreal 3D model and place it in the digital scene. As a result, the brand will empower their Amazon listings with some advertising masterpieces!

#3. CGI Improves Customer Online Experience

3D Visualization of a Coffee Machine in Context

According to the Bussiness2Community research, as many as 51% of online shoppers think that the worst disadvantage of e-stores is the impossibility to touch and test the item. So how can Marketers provide customers with the experience they need on Amazon? 

The answer is – with 3D rendering. With the advent of 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, Amazon shoppers can experience the product without the physical presence of the latter. Moreover, using Amazon AR app, prospects can test out 3D models of the products, and see how the potential buy fit into their homes. 

To show how equipment works, brands can use 3D animation. For instance, an Amazon product video selling a coffee machine can show it in action. So that shoppers will be able to see how it makes a cup of delicious drink, quickly and without making a noise. This way, the viewers will literally get the first positive experience of using the device. Which can dispel all their doubts about making a purchase.

#4. Amazon 3D Rendering Showcases Variations

3D Visualization of a Pair of Stylish Handwatches

It’s tough to give buyers full information about every variation and feature of the product on Amazon listings using photos. For this, the Marketer would need to have every single item produced, then take all of them to a photo studio, and have every piece shot from every angle. Which would take ages and cost a fortune.

With Amazon 3D rendering, it is easy. And with no photoshoots, the key is just one 3D model. When it’s ready, a 3D rendering studio can make the necessary adjustments to obtain new CG models for product variations. They can change materials, colors, details and provide the Marketer with 3D models of all the collection. And then, these 3D models can be put into a whole variety of digital scenes! For this, the Marketer should send a picture or a sketch of a product to a CGI studio – and get a whole range of perfect Amazon 3D rendering materials. 

#5. CG Rendering Can Illustrate the Benefits of a Product

It’s tough to explain the structure of an item using photography and video. The issue is that it requires recreating complex scenes and capturing subtle things – which would require lots of equipment and a Hollywood movie budget. As a result, Marketers often prefer to pass on illustrating the unique selling proposition. While Amazon 3D rendering allows highlighting each and every benefit of the item – with ease. Just look at the 3D animation above – it showcases every detail of a waste disposal unit perfectly, and demonstrates how easy it is to use and install. 

Amazon 3D rendering helps to boost sales, and also saves the Marketer’s time and money that would otherwise be spent on the complicated process of photography. CGI allows creating perfect images on a white background and evoking positive emotions in consumers’ minds. It also lets consumers to experience usage of the thing they will potentially purchase and understand all its variations, features, and benefits, thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale.

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