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Amazon Product Video: 5 Reasons You Need it to Excel on the World’s Most Successful Selling Platform

Amazon product video helps Manufacturers to excel on the world’s top-selling platform. This is essential because the competition level is extremely high: according to Marketplace Pulse, the number of sellers on Amazon has reached 2 million. So to attract buyers, brands need to look for ways to stand out in this ocean of offers. 

So what if everything seems perfect, yet the sales figures stagnate and decline? Every product feature is described, the photos or renders are top-notch, but the Amazon account doesn’t bring much revenue. Is the competition too high to even try? Is it a waste of time? 

Not in the least. Standing out in the crowd of similar offers is feasible. In our case, brands can use Amazon product video and make their offers more appealing to online shoppers. As we have been creating product animation for marketing materials for over 6 years, we know how much sales impact a good video can have. Want to make the most of your Amazon listing? Join us as we discover how the product video can convert visitors into clients!

#1. Online Shoppers Prefer Video to Other Content

According to Wyzowl, 72% of online shoppers choose video presentations over text descriptions. This probably stems from the fact that people find the former more informative and therefore reliable. And when in doubt, prospective buyers just leave the page and go to the online store to get a proper look at what they are buying at least 46% of them, as Hubspot reports.

Basically, when a product brand doesn’t have videos, it loses customers to competitors who do, as well as to brick-and-mortar shops. The same thing happens on Amazon: forgetting about videos is like putting a huge sign which says “Please look somewhere else”. Sure, still imagery used to do the trick, but it is starting to lose its impact. So it’s a perfect time to get an edge over competitors while Amazon product video is still an advantage and not a must.

The trend is even more obvious when one considers that nowadays, it is possible to create videos digitally. As a result, even before the launch, products can get 3D animations which will look just as good as real videos, and convey any concept. This way, pre-sold products can have a powerful amazon presence.

#2. Video Explains Better

Amazon product video helps buyers to understand clearly how an item looks and functions.  Product images are sure vital, but they often don’t give enough information to answer all questions of online shoppers. For instance, a potential buyer might wonder what the beautiful brooch looks like from a close up. If he doesn’t find that info, he will leave the price is too significant to take risks and click the “buy” button.

The best way to make a shopper stay on the page is to opt for Amazon product video or animation. It can showcase the visual aspect of the item sold, and demonstrate it in action. With one click of a mouse and within seconds, the viewer can learn everything they need by seeing the product in close view and from every angle. This way, videos and animations give viewers an experience similar to visiting an offline store.

#3. Amazon Product Video Dispels Doubts

Video demonstration can allay prospects’ fears about a product. In fact, if the Manufacturers know what exactly makes buyers hesitate, they can prepare a video or a 3D animation addressing these particular doubts. 

As an example, the prospect might think that a stylish living room storage is too difficult to assemble, and doesn’t provide enough space. But when they see a video or a 3D movie showing that it is assembled in three easy steps, they will forget about the first concern. The second one will evaporate when they see a video demonstrating that the storage has enough space to contain a whole collection of books, souvenirs, and decor. No more reasons to hesitate the visitor will make a purchase. This way, an amazon product video can work with objections of buyers.

#4. Product Video Engages Emotions

Igniting potential customer’s emotions is one of the best ecommerce marketing strategies. That is because promo materials evoking emotional response sell much better than regular ones. In fact, according to Nielsen research conducted in 2016, emotional ads make sales grow by 23%. 

This way, an Amazon product video or 3D animation that touches emotions is bound to attract buyers. To make such a promo, the Manufacturer should use storytelling and showcase products in context. For instance, a product video can show how a new tent makes a mountain trip extra comfortable, or how a new toaster helps to cook a tasty breakfast, in a cozy kitchen on a sunny morning. As the viewer recalls personal life experiences while watching the story, they will feel positive emotions which will increase their motivation to make the purchase.

#5. Product Video Decreases Return Rate

Using videos on Amazon listings, a Manufacturer can decrease the product return rate. A reason for this is that the video provides the most detailed understanding of an item, so a buyer knows for sure what they will get. To illustrate, Hubspot reports that customers who watch product videos before ordering are 57% less likely to order something by mistake. Which means they are less likely to be disappointed when getting the delivery.

Videos can boost a Manufacturer’s success on Amazon. For they demonstrate the product aesthetics and functions in detail, dispel customer’s doubts and fears about the item, and put it into an appealing context which evokes the viewer’s emotions. Time and time again, the video proves a valuable asset for standing out and selling products on Amazon. It is therefore important to think up the right format to demonstrate the merchandise in the best light and invest in a high-quality Amazon product video.

But what about pre-selling or getting videos on a super short notice? There’s no need to refuse the impact of video marketing in either of these cases. You can easily get 3D animations that will showcase the pieces in photoreal quality. And all you need to do is to send a 3D studio a smartphone photo, describe the result you want and get a powerful selling asset for Amazon.

For high-end product animation, contact our 3D modeling company. We’ll make sure your cg movie makes your product shine!  

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