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Being a visionary: sell cross-platform with 3D Product Visualization


Have trouble keeping the clients? Your shop is nice and welcoming, the stuff – highly skilled, yet something doesn’t seem to work any more? Clients come to the store, take forever to choose the right armchair, and then … go to buy the item from the Internet store. Leaving you puzzled, as the sales rates decrease. You realize that your shop in the city center serves as a product display for your competitors, and you lose customers, as well as money paid for rent. What has happened?

The behavior of consumers is changing. They are no longer satisfied with what they’ve always had, and it is sometimes confusing. In order to stay afloat, it is necessary to build a bridge between online and offline shopping experience. This bridge is called 3D Product Visualization. It allows you to forget about the old traditional brick-and-mortar ways and create a new, cross-platform shopping experience for the customers.

product 3d rendering

Good news is that according to surveys, customers who prefer cross-platform shopping spend three times more money than the regular ones. That means that by using 3D Technology offline retailers can actually get even more influence than before.

So how exactly does 3D Product Visualization blurs the line between in-store and online shopping?

The answer is – by offering seamless shopping experience to the customer, which would be a mix of both. Start offering 24/7 Online Consultations.

24/7 Online Qualified Consultations

What mostly attracts people to brick-and-mortar stores is the possibility to get a consultation with a trained specialist. What they like most about the online shops is their accessibility and absence of schedules. This service will combine best features of both types of commerce. To turn the consultations into an absolute success, one needs to know what exactly the customers will ask.

Based on the experience of the businesses that have already implemented the service, the clientele usually wants to:

  • see the product, as well as get some reviews and be able to compare
  • learn how to use the product
  • what else they might need to buy.

Next step is to meet these needs so that the client could make the purchasing decision. And you can achieve this with 3D Product Visualization. AR applications will give you the power to blur the line between online and offline commerce.

3D Product Visualization Tools: get 3D renderings of your products, as well as 3D tours

The first questions the shop assistant will be asked are: what the purchase looks like, how it works and how it will look in, say, the interior of the room (if we are talking about the furniture). These assets will allow to provide all information needed, while presenting the product from the most advantageous point of view. For owing to the technologies available, 3D artists will turn the image of a product into a shiny dream.

Depending on the nature of the product, you may also need cutout images, as well as views from the different angles. These tools will allow you to keep the main advantage of the in-store shopping – possibility to experience the product, not just to see it on the picture. Moreover, 3D Product Visualization will allow them to visit your store – many companies are using 3D tours for that. It helps build relationship with the customer, as well as improves brand recognition.

Get 3D animation showing how to use the product

product 3d modeling and rendering

There’s no better way to show how easy the machine works than with 3D Animation. Explaining takes a lot of words, and live demonstration requires a visit. Yet showing how the microwave works is of a strategic importance. Upon seen on 3D animation how well it’ll look in the kitchen and how many options it has, the customer will find it hard to forget this beauty. This way, 3D Modeling Opportunities will allow to create a sort of emotional connection.

Get AR Catalog for your Product Line

3d product shot

Its unique feature is that it allows to see the size of the object and learn for sure whether it fits or not. The first company to adopt that was IKEA, who reported to lose 14% of the clientele owing to the wrong choices of the size. But owing to the Product Visualization, such catalogs became a reality now. As well as that, there are other AR apps allowing to try the furniture item in the specific interior. While doing so, the customer will be able to customize it according to its taste and needs – accessories, color etc. By the way, this AR application is an excellent tool to sell some additional items that go well with the product – decorative cushions, or a painting that would look lovely with this furniture etc.

We hope that Virtual Reality will allow your customers to experience a new way of shopping – the cross-platform one, which would allow them to get all the advantages of both online and offline retail commerce. 3D Product Visualization will enable them to not only to visit your office, take a look at the product range and make a purchase without leaving home.

Contact UFO3D to get quality 3D Modeling Services. Our 3D artists will present your product line with the accuracy and outstanding skill it deserves.

May your business join New Generation of Market Leaders with UFO3D solutions!

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