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3D Model Of A Buttrfly-Shaped Brooch Encrusted With Gems

3D Modeling Workflow: Why It Is So Easy with UFO3D

Many product marketers and manufacturers already cannot imagine their workflow without  outsource 3D modeling services. And those who have not tried 3D visualization of their products yet are seriously considering this option. Its benefits are plenty: an eliminated need to create physical prototypes, reduced costs for storage and creating promo imagery, and the vast variety of beautiful CG visuals that help win buyers. 

However, to make the most of 3D modeling services, it is essential to choose the right contractor. Which sometimes may be difficult for manufacturers. The thing is that it is pretty hard to guess from the very beginning if a CGI company in question will deliver the best possible results and do it on time. Also, it is impossible to predict if it will be easy and comfortable to work with a CGI studio. Of course, its advertisement can say so, but how to know if it is true?

We understand that manufacturers need something more than rosy promises for choosing the right CGI contractor. That is why we decided to provide them with facts and evidence which prove that UFO3D studio is trustworthy and easy to work with. Join us and learn the specifics of our 3D modeling workflow that will make your cooperation with us comfortable and fruitful! 

#1. UFO3D ensures ultra-convenient communication via CRM system

How To Optimize 3D Modeling Workflow With A CRM Service

To ensure trouble-free and comfortable workflow on all 3D modeling and rendering projects, we work with our clientele through the customer relationship management system. Its benefits are abundant. CRM is a software that allows customers to communicate directly with a project team, get regular updates on progress, ask for adjustments, review results and evaluate their quality. 

Our system has a simple user-friendly interface and ensures that our clients are actively involved in the 3D modeling workflow. Records of every comment and version of the design are retained in order by the software. It is also tamper-proof, which means that outside parties cannot access it. Once the work is complete, payments can be made via the CRM as well. 

#2. Our support and project teams are always available and ready to help

Client Manager Ready To Help Customers

As an experienced 3D rendering firm, we understand the importance of timely relay of information to our customers. That is why we have a strong team of client managers with excellent English language skills and expert knowledge of 3D modeling and rendering processes. They are online and ready to solve issues and answer questions for our clientele 24/7.

Also, we have seasoned project managers who are extremely efficient in handling the 3D modeling workflow during the whole process. Their job is to ensure the provision of top-notch services and that the working process of 3D artists is well-organized. Once a client fills a brief, the PM assigns the task to the 3D modeling and visualization specialist who is best suited for the work in question. PM also maintains responsibility for quality standards and deadlines.

We also perfectly understand that a successful 3D modeling project requires that a CG visualization team works closely with its clientele. The task of a CGI studio is to ensure it even if customers live in another part of the globe. That is why UFO3D teams are always ready to arrange a Skype call with our clients and discuss any issues.

#3. UFO3D studio delivers results on time or for free

A Clock Showing A Countdown To Results

Our 3D modeling workflow is carefully adjusted to our clients’ needs. That is why with us, they do not need to fear that the deadline of their task will be ruined. We always deliver results on the agreed time, and if we don’t, the client gets our services for free!

So, how can we provide such a guarantee? To ensure timely results, the UFO3D studio has almost 300 highly skilled 3D modeling and rendering artists. This means that even if one of our team members falls sick or cannot continue work for some other reason, another professional 3D artist is always available to take over. Top 3D modeling companies understand the need for an uninterrupted workflow and that is exactly what UFO3D strives to achieve.

#4. Our 3D rendering company provides free revisions

3D Product Model Of A High-End Watch

It can happen that in the course of a 3D modeling project the manufacturer examines the intermediate results and sees a way to make their product even better. Or, they find out that the resulting visuals do not correspond to their vision by 100%. In such cases, corrections need to be made. And the constant worry for any customer outsourcing 3D modeling services is the cost involved in multiple revisions. But we have a worry-free solution for that!

Our 3D modeling workflow ensures that customers can obtain as many adjustments as they need for free, as long as they are up to 60% of the project volume. So, if you work with us and need something changed during the process, you will not need to pay extra money.

#5. UFO3D allows choosing perfect 3D assets for a project easily

Photoreal 3D Model Of A Silver Ring

In the course of work, we have developed a large database with 47 000+ unique 3D models and 6000+ scenes. This library allows our clients to easily select the most suitable 3D assets to be used in their CG imagery. It eliminates the need to tirelessly search for 3D models and scenes elsewhere. Having access to an extensive library like ours cuts significant costs, and speeds up the 3D modeling workflow and rendering process as well. Why so? The secret is that when 3D artists use ready assets and do not have to create them from scratch, it saves additional time and money for manufacturers.

3D modeling workflow at UFO3D studio is perfectly tailored for customers’ needs. Communication with our team is available through an easy-to-use CRM system, and client support is ready to help 24/7. What’s more, results are delivered on time or for free, customers are given up to 60% free revisions, and our large library of 3D assets saves time, money, and helps create show-stopping CG visuals.

Looking for a CGI firm with an efficient and streamlined 3D modeling workflow? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us for professional 3D modeling and rendering services and get stunning 3D visuals for your campaigns easier than ever!

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