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Photoreal 3D Model Of Mirrors

Outsource 3D modeling: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Outsource 3D modeling is a great way for companies to get gorgeous CGI visualization of their products. But how does one approach contracting such work? It might seem like a simple process: provide references, pay, wait and receive the visuals. But there’s more to outsourcing realistic 3D product modeling than it seems. A lot of things can go wrong if your pick is chosen at random or without sufficient preparations. Moreover, in order to get the results you want, communicating with contractors should be done right, and we would like to help you with that. Introducing – an easy and comprehensive 5-point checklist of what to keep in mind before outsourcing 3D modeling for manufacturers. Join us as we explore and explain each point in detail.

#1. Research The Contractor

3D Visualization Of Roller Skates

Doing research on the company one wants to work with is a no-brainer, for sure. But what to look out for, specifically? Aside from things that matter for outsource 3D modeling, there’s a bit more info to gather. First thing’s first – studio’s portfolio. Make sure that 3D models look photoreal and that the outsource studio has experience both with white background visualizations and lifestyles. After it’s ascertained that the imagery looks great, it’s important to take a look at the contractor proper: read the reviews, google its market experience and who outsourced 3D modeling to it. If everything is satisfactory, it’s time to move to the next point: preparations.

#2. Collect Necessary References

Lifestyle 3D Model Of A Table

In order to make a 3D model, 3D artists need a handful of things – blueprints, sketches or photos for outsource product 3D modeling. They are needed mainly for white background images, just the bare bones to know how the objects look like, what materials are used and so on. Lifestyle images are a bit more complicated. For those, one would have to also provide personal preferences for decor and surroundings, including photos of a product in its desired role. With that out of the way, let’s move to contracting outsource 3D modeling.

#3. Contact The Studio

White Background 3D Visualization Of Kitchen

When preparations are finished, it’s time to contact desired 3D product modeling companies. But before filing an actual order, however, it’s important to clarify a few more things. While discussing contract details, one should also inquire about the company’s market experience, how skilled are its specialists and how many of them can work on the same project simultaneously.

One might ask, why do that after doing research? Isn’t that kind of redundant at this point? There are a couple of reasons for that. For one, there may not be enough info concerning market experience on the Internet, so clarifying it is necessary. Next reason is to confirm the information gathered previously. Usually, everything one needs to know about an outsource 3D modeling studio is on its website, but some things, like specialists’ skill level and team size are only accessible through conversations with project managers.

#4. Check Out Predefined Options Or Packs

Photoreal Lifestyle Visualization Of A Kitchen Sink

All set, except for one thing. Sometimes outsource 3D modeling companies provide predefined service packs for their clients. They fall into several categories, based on project sizes, type of images: white background or lifestyles, and other similar features. For maximum efficiency, it’s a good idea to pick options that suit one’s goals perfectly. And oftentimes contractors would gladly help choose the right one – they know their craft, for sure!

#5. Provide And Receive Feedback

3D Model Of A Sleek Kitchen Sink With Faucet

While this point refers not to preparations, but to the process itself, it should be noted that feedback is key to any project. So, the order is filed, all there is to do is, well, wait. Or is it? Outsource 3D modeling companies always have some form of CRM service, providing feedback 24/7. It’s important to always be in touch with contractors: read and see regular updates on the 3D modeling process, input personal suggestions throughout, find solutions to complications and avoid mistakes. This would not only lead to much better results but also form healthy and positive relations with the company, for better cooperation in the future.

And this is it – a simple, 5-point checklist for outsource 3D modeling. Following these guidelines would help you avoid miscommunication with your contractors, prevent errors and yield perfect results. This would serve you well down the line, but since you’re reading this right now, you’re looking for 3D graphics contractors already. So, do you need professional 3D modeling services? Well, we are ready and willing to provide high-quality 3D visuals: photorealistic 3D models, 3D animation, 360-degree views, as well as product shots and lifestyles for any marketing goals! Sell your goods using gorgeous CGI with UFO3D!

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