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A Concept of the Reliability of CGI Studios

3D Modeling Services around the World: How CGI Studios Manage to Provide Supreme Quality Services Worldwide

3D modeling services help manufacturers all around the world present and sell products with outstanding success. The usage of 3D technologies is quickly becoming a must to excel in the market and move with the times.

So, what does one need to get 3D modeling services? Some manufacturers hire in-house 3D artists for this purpose. However, it is quite a costly solution, because a full-time specialist needs a decent salary, paid annual vacation, sick leave, and a benefits package. But there is no guarantee that this specialist will always have a busy workload. So, hiring a full-time 3D artist might be not the best choice.

This is why a lot of brands consider outsourcing 3D modeling and rendering of their products. But though this option is more budget-friendly compared to hiring an in-house employee, manufacturers might still have doubts. They get concerned because a 3D visualization studio with appropriate experience and a reasonable price list may be located far away. It can be anywhere in the world in another country or even on a different continent. Will communication be effective in this case? And how the desired outcome can be guaranteed?

As a company that provides professional 3D modeling services, we can answer these questions. We work with manufacturers and marketers from all over the globe, and we have learned how to ensure seamless workflow when cooperating with them. Now we are ready to share our secrets. Read up and find out how CGI studios provide excellent 3D modeling services around the world!

#1. Professional CGI providers use CRM

Concept of Customer Relationship Management of a 3D Visualization Studio

CRM is short for customer relationship management. It is a software used by 3D visualization firms to communicate with clients when providing 3D modeling services around the world. With the help of CRM, customers can receive regular updates on the progress, ask the project team for corrections, check the quality of results, and so on. This way, the clients become active members of the process — which helps 3D specialists to deliver the required outcome. And when the work is finished and approved, payments can be made via CRM, too.  

Also, the system ensures that no single comment or an intermediate 3D design version gets lost. Everything is recorded and kept in order. As CRM is a closed system, no outsider has access to the information within it. As for the software’s interface, it is simple and user-friendly so there is no trouble to get used to working in it.

#2. Client managers are available 24/7

Client Support Department of a 3D Rendering Studio

3D rendering firms know how important is to quickly give any requested information to their customers. It’s an absolute must for companies that provide 3D modeling services around the world. That’s why top CGI studios always have a strong team of client managers who speak excellent English and know everything about 3D modeling and rendering. These specialists are always online and ready to consult about 3D visualization processes, solve issues, and answer questions on any day of the week, round-the-clock. 

Thus, there’s no need to worry that the language barrier or time difference will affect the work with a 3D modeling provider. It is possible to get all the requested information in time customer support is always there to help.

#3. Project managers keep everything in order

Concept Symbolizing Work of a Project Manager in a CGI Studio

Apart from CMs, there is one more person in any CGI team who ensures the provision of top-notch 3D modeling services around the world. We are talking about a project manager. After the client department gets order details, they delegate further work to a PM. 

A project manager’s job is to make sure that the workflow of 3D artists is well-organized. The PM always knows which specialist is the best for order in question and assigns tasks accordingly. Also, this professional is responsible for keeping quality standards and deadlines. This way, a seasoned PM controls and optimizes the whole working process, turning a team’s performance into a well-oiled machine. Therefore, there is no need to fear that things will get out of hand. PMs of the professional 3D rendering firms know how to arrange everything so that manufacturers from all around the world get high-end 3D modeling services on time.

#4. CG modeling studios organize regular Skype meetings

A Skype Conference with a Customer in a 3D Rendering Firm

To successfully deliver an outsource 3D modeling project, a CG visualization firm’s team has to work in close cooperation with its clients. But how to do this if customers live in different parts of the globe? No worries — experienced CGI firms know how to handle this and provide quality 3D modeling services around the world. Apart from communicating in CRM, the project teams are always ready to appoint a Skype-call with the customer. During such a meeting, the client can discuss terms and costs, give feedback, ask for corrections, and request any information about work progress. 

A professional 3D visualization studio typically has several rooms for Skype-conferences with all the required equipment. Therefore, the absence of personal meetings cannot negatively affect the work outcome.

#5. World`s top CG studios offer legal security and guarantees

A Customer Signing a Non-disclosure Agreement with a CGI Company

Firms that provide professional 3D modeling services around the world care about their  customers and take their data safety responsibly. So, 3D visualization firms give legal guarantees to prove that sensitive information is protected. They do it by signing a non-disclosure agreement with those who order their services. NDA is a confidentiality document which states that any details of a deal can’t be revealed without permission. 

Along with signing a non-disclosure agreement, our CGI studio offers On Time or For Free guarantee. This means that in case our company doesn’t deliver the result before the deadline, the service will be free of charge. 

Nowadays, it is possible to order top-notch 3D modeling services around the world without any risks. That is because professional CGI firms use CRM to communicate with their customers and keep all information in one place, and client managers are available at any time for an online consultation. In their turn, project managers keep an eye on the 3D artists’ workflow, as well as on quality and deadlines. The sensitive business data is protected by NDA, and it’s always possible to contact a project team via Skype to discuss any question.  On top of that, if the results are not delivered on time, they are for free!

Want to take all the benefits from outsourcing 3D visualization of your products? Contact us and get 3D modeling and rendering services of supreme quality in any part of the world.

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