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Why Is 3D Modeling Important for Product Brands

Why Is 3D Modeling Important For Product Manufacturers? 5 Reasons

Why is 3D modeling important in creating products that sell? In short, it provides advantages in manufacturing and advertising items by reducing the working process and costs as well as experimenting with designs. It is no wonder that Manufacturers who find out about 3D modeling tend to gravitate to it once they understand the effectiveness of the technology. 

Manufacturers who don’t know what is 3D modeling usually find out about it by seeing their competitors utilize the technology and overtake everyone on the market. With competition from other local companies and even overseas, it is hard to compete for customers’ attention without utilizing the newest technologies and practices. Whether it is Apple, General Motors, or Bernhardt, each one of these conglomerates needs to develop and expand their branding as the market changes constantly. 

Nowadays, customers are also much more demanding and tech-savvy than they were before. They want to know the exact details of every product to make sure they get the best for their money. Even a slight bit of confusion or doubt about an item can throw them off. Manufacturers can make a perfect product, but if it is not presented appropriately, it will pass by the minds of these buyers. So what does CGI have to do with it? Read the following 5 points of 3D modeling to see how it helps Manufacturers to smooth out their production and entice customers at the same time. 

#1. 3D Modeling Is An Outstanding Way To Prototype Products

Computer 3D Modeling Of Furniture

3D modeling shows a realistic depiction of a Manufacturer’s product by generating high-quality textures and proper lighting. Aside from physically feeling the item, one can experience every feature of a design. The result is an image that attracts eyes while communicating all the details of a product’s look

Another perspective on why is 3D modeling important is that Manufacturers can easily make small adjustments to the design and create multiple versions to choose the best option. Manufacturers can be sure of their product’s top-level look by trying different colors and textures or outright adding and removing parts of it. 

Manufacturers can also utilize 3D printing by using their models to get a prototype much sooner than with traditional means. One can take an already seamless 3D model and have it easily converted to a print-ready file. In this way, 3D printing technology helps to create miniatures for quick inspection and evaluation as well as marketing testing.

#2. 3D Modeling Is More Budget-Friendly Than Photography

3D Modeling Of Chairs And Tables

Another point Manufacturers stumble upon when asking why is 3D modeling important is the cost. CG companies charge only for the hours a 3D Artist needs to create and render the product in 3D software. Therefore the ultimate price, while still not cheap, is way more budget-friendly compared to hiring professional photographers and organizing photoshoots. Furthermore, Manufacturers also save money on changes and corrections, since most 3D modeling studios provide free alterations up to a certain point. For example, UFO3D offers revisions up to 60% of the whole project for free to guarantee the exact result the Manufacturer wanted.

#3. 3D Modeling Clearly Shows Physical Properties Of A Product

3D Modeling Of Home Media Console

Another answer to why is 3D modeling important is that it accurately shows the proportions of objects as they would be in real life. This makes it easier for customers to see exactly what they are purchasing. Prospects can easily compare different versions of products and see which option suits them best. They can try different materials, shapes, design elements, and so on. 

Moreover, Manufacturers can utilize 360 view to let customers get a complete overview of a product. This technology attracts the attention of shoppers and engages them in examining items for a long time. This way, chances to sell a product rise much higher than with a boring static photo. 

Online stores can also use 3D animation to showcase the assembly and disassembly of a product, how it functions, etc. This type of visuals does not only showcase items but teaches customers how to use them properly as well. It is heavily used for mechanical products such as cars, home appliances, and adjustable furniture.

#4. 3D Models Are Suitable For Multi-Usage

CGI Modeling For Kitchen Furniture

One more argument on why is 3D modeling important has to do with the variety of marketing materials it provides. Ordering only one 3D model allows Manufacturers to get different product images, ads, videos, etc. What’s more, they can save this 3D modeling object for later and use it several times. Manufacturers can even keep 3D models in a virtual library and then come back to use the items for redesign or new ads in the next promoting campaigns. This cost- and time-saving approach lets Marketers pair up new ideas with old products in an updated advertisement or tailor an existing product to a new audience.

#5. Advertisements Don’t Require Physical Prototypes

3D Modeling For Lifestyle Product Images

There is a lot of 3D modeling in advertising for a reason. Aside from being beneficial in terms of cost and convenience, it can create marketing materials before Manufacturers have a physical product or prototype ready. Getting promotional visuals this early on guarantees advertisement campaigns are always done on time. Another advantage of 3D modeling, in this case, is that any changes that occur in product design can be easily implemented right away without a serious loss of time and money.

So, again, why is 3D modeling important? Firstly, it brings an option that solves both the problem of producing and advertising goods. Secondly, 3D modeling saves the trouble Manufacturers may have with testing new products and creating marketing materials. Last but not least, with the development of 3D modeling technology, the difference between a real photo and a 3D visualization is nearly indistinguishable, despite CGI being faster and a more budget-friendly solution. 

If you’re looking to create great visualizations for your goods, 3D modeling is a fantastic tool that allows incorporating all of the above benefits. You can try our 3D modeling services to get high-quality 3D models that demonstrate all the details of your products.

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