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Wooden Bookshelf 3D Modeling For Advertising

3D Modeling In Advertising: Enhancing Promotion

3D modeling for advertising isn’t a new concept, but modern technology refines and perfects the possibilities and quality of such imagery every year. CGI gives several opportunities to businesses when it comes to creating promotional materials and attracting lots of potential customers, and for solid reasons. Join us as we explore seven ways your marketing can benefit from 3D product rendering!

#1. Control Visuals More Effectively To Avoid Mishaps And Inconsistencies

photorealistic product 3d rendering

Any good advertisement requires cooperation between marketing departments and artistic directors. Creating a cohesive marketing campaign with different kinds of visuals is a difficult task, but photography, drawings and live footage used to be the only options available. Now, however, 3D modeling for advertising is the best option for all kinds of goods, since it is much easier to coordinate the campaigns: how to arrange visual elements, how to direct animated videos, what style to opt for and so on. If the plan is laid out perfectly, there is little chance that things go south and no surprises should be expected.

#2. Have A Supply Of Special Event Images

3d rendering for local events

One of many challenges to product promotion campaigns are season events such as Halloween or Christmas, since they call for adapting pre-established designs to the holiday theme. While it’s relatively easy to add festive elements or stylistic features to images, this doesn’t cut it – they need complete makeover. 3D modeling for advertising gets rid of this issue – the models are completely digital, so it’s easy to add or remove elements, creating stylised versions of the same items. You can order not just furniture visualization, but also themed versions of pieces, with appropriate decor and style in advance, having a supply of images for future special occasions.

#3. Showcase Even Tiniest Details Of Your Products

product 3d rendering for website

Details make furniture enticing to customers, be it material quality, personal artistic touches or just overall feeling of pieces. 3D modeling in advertising helps showcase and draw attention to such details. This can be done with Ultra HD 4K pictures with zoom-in function and viewers can zoom in to examine every inch of a furniture piece closely. This is possible due to photorealism of 3D models, that can be made indistinguishable from real things. This kind of visual content is both gorgeous to look at and informative enough for potential customers who want high-quality merchandise.

#4. Make Your Goods Look Stellar

cg lifestyle for tradeshow catalog

There may be a situation when your new furniture collection features utilitarian design, and making it look appealing will pose some challenge even to professional photographers. But with 3D modeling the task becomes much more feasible. Regardless of how visually appealing your furniture design look, CGI will demonstrate it in best light with no exaggeration – maybe a few visual effects and lighting adjustments, but no changes to items.

#5. Showcase Items In 3D Animation To Attract More Attention From Potential Clients

3d rendering for furniture

3D modeling and animation are a match made in heaven – animating CG is easier, cheaper and faster than 2D Flash or any other means of visualizing movement. And don’t forget that moving pictures tend to grab attention easier, they are both informative and good-looking. All that makes 3D animation a perfect medium for any advertising medium. CGI is a perfect solution for TV, social media and website ads, being visually stunning and attracting potential customers effectively. Even though photorealistic 3D modeling for advertising takes more time and effort to make, your goods will look just as good as in real life.

#6. Step Up Customer-Focused Ads To Emphasize Both The Goods And Their Benefits

product cgi for ads

What used to work before tends to grow old and ineffective later. Right now people are quite bored with conventional ads that all look the same. Customer-focused advertising is the solution that will last for a while, but it almost disregards designs that were made thanks to a lot of creative ideas. But, with 3D modeling for advertising, client-focused ads get an upgrade – they can feature not only convincing evidence that a potential buyer will benefit from a piece of furniture, but also how great said item looks, making designers proud and impressing any viewer. And this is only one way you can innovate your marketing campaigns with high-quality 3D models – think creatively, or, should we say, three-dimensionally!

#7. Make Ads More Memorable

closeup 3d rendering

Multiple surveys show that ads with visuals are more memorable than textual ones. But, the higher the quality, the better images will be remembered. Of course, “better” is a broad term, since it can be either photographs, stylized graphics, or anything in between, but 3D is the dominant way of producing high-quality pictures for ads. 3D modeling for advertising is more than capable of providing you with photorealistic or stylized images to achieve desired effect on the viewers. Just don’t forget to choose pictures carefully for each goal – they are the tools, after all.

3D modeling for advertising is a versatile choice – it looks great, it’s cheaper than photography and it shows your products in best light. Given all this, right now is your chance to enhance your marketing campaigns, increase profit and have a new weapon to challenge competitors. Get photorealistic CGI today with our 3D modeling company!

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