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Why Furniture Manufacturers Use Product Interactive 3D Manuals


User manuals are an important part of customer service. They are designed to perform a crucial task – communicate with the client and enhance his product experience. Nowadays, no furniture model is sold without a user guide to support the client. However, with the arrival of new technologies, customers became more demanding to their purchasing experience. They want it to be more exciting and preferably easier and faster. As a result, to make their product experience smoother, manufacturers provide clients with almost 500 pages detailed manuals on how to assemble, use and keep the furniture item in perfect shape.
The trouble is that modern clients are people of action. Reading voluminous user manuals is way too long and boring. Customers want their product experience to be crystal clear. And rightfully so! So, they experiment, the furniture breaks, and then they open the user guide. Afterwards, they call the support service and ask about the exchange policy. At that moment, furniture manufacturers have two choices: either they explain that the accident was not their fault and get an unhappy customer, or replace the product hoping that the incident will not repeat.

Fortunately, new technologies provided a solution to the problem of user manuals ineffectiveness – product interactive 3D manuals. Not only can they solve this problem, but they also offer a lot other bonuses and advantages! Take a look at the main ones.

5 Stunning Benefits of Product Interactive 3D Manuals

Here’s what you achieve using product interactive 3D manuals:

1. Increase the Level of Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Customer engagement is the way clients perceive a brand based on the experience of interaction with the product and company. Without any doubt, caring about how easy it is for them to use your furniture and how pleasant to learn about that will speak in your favor. Looking at a 3D Interactive Presentation of furniture advantages and the way it should be assembled is quite an experience in itself, thrilling, memorable and colorful. The client will be happy with both content and process of the presentation, which is a terrific branding for the company. Not to mention that it leads to a powerful word-of-mouth advertising: innovative initiative and efforts to please are always rewarded with a positive feedback.

As well as attracting new clients, product interactive 3D manuals help achieve another crucial marketing goal: they cultivate brand loyalty. Since the customer found the product experience enjoyable, he will definitely return. And an increased customer retention rate is an ultimate goal for a company! It builds the goodwill and the lion share of the revenue.

2. Boost the Profits

We can safely say that user guides are only a basic means of a positive product experience. Product interactive 3D manuals, however, is a strategic tool to improve the profits. Most importantly, they allow for effective upselling and cross-selling. For using interactive 3D videos, it is easier to suggest accessory products or analogical ones. Which are equally well demonstrated with an appealing Product 3D Interactive Video! That helps to Increase Furniture Sales.

3. Reduce the Marketing, Manufacturing and Support Cost

Since the customers get full information on the way the product should be used, there are less misunderstandings and mistakes and therefore, less need for product support. Owing to this, the furniture company spends less time and money on after-purchase customer communication.
Furthermore, Product Interactive 3D Manuals put an end to constant reproduction of the same paper materials which do not come cheap. You get an Interactive 3D User Guide once, and then you can use it as many times as you need. Besides, it is possible, even advisable to repurpose these materials. Not only do product interactive 3D manuals represent a high-quality content for a website, but they can also be used as an impactful tool for company’s marketing campaign. For instance, the marketer of the furniture company can place the interactive guide on the corporate Youtube channel, or in social media. As a result, the furniture brand gets a lot of attention!
Finally, these demonstration 3D videos can be used for presenting a product offline – say, in furniture exhibitions. Owing to the exciting new format and highly informative content, it’ll certainly make the product presentation memorable and impactful.

4. Create a Valid Competitive Edge

Product interactive 3D manuals are a relatively new technology, so they are only beginning to appear on the market. However, according to the forecasts, in a few years they’ll be a basic part of customer service for a furniture manufacturer. Which is why catching the right moment, while technology is still at the dawn, is crucial. Be innovative, provide a next-generation customer service to clients – a reap all the benefits! For instance, grow your furniture business.

5. Improve drastically your website ranking and boost the conversion rate

Use the 3D Product Manual on your website to present your amazing product line. Owing to the possibility to experience the product before even seeing it increases the sales. In fact, Interactive 3D Product Manuals are so impactful, that they can not only push the customer towards your product, but also create the need for it.

Icing on the cake: there’s also the advantage of the video format. By using product 3D Interactive manuals in offline presentations, the company doesn’t have to carry the furniture piece itself everywhere. It is both comfortable and cost-effective, since you save money you’d otherwise spend on shipment.

Decided to take you customer service to a new level and boost the profits? Looking for ways to save money on print instructions and increase the conversion rate? Then turn to Interactive 3D Product Manuals. This is easy-to-use tool that fulfills all its promises and even exceeds them! To create them, contact UFO3D company for 3D Modeling Services. We create 3D Products that make your furniture shine!

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