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Product Image Rendering Significance for Advertising

Product Image Rendering: 8 Reasons It Will Change the Way You Think About Advertising

Product image rendering is a potential solution for Marketers who need photos for advertisements. By choosing CGI, they can get high quality, appealing and detailed pictures in large quantities with relative ease. Moreover, these images can be visualized with 3D modeling and rendering in a way that emotionally and practically engage potential buyers.

Usually, Marketers must plan photoshoots for which they provide prototypes, hire photographers and rent a studio set. The cost of such a process doesn’t satisfy all budgets and creates stress when under strict deadlines. Additionally, when advertising plans change in the middle of the process it takes a lot of effort to redo all the promotional images. This is often the main reason that leads to delayed launch of advertising campaigns.

Product image rendering is a solution to the above problems as it brings other options for Marketers to work with. Read the article to see how CGI helps advertising and how it already influenced e-commerce businesses.

#1. Product Image Rendering Is Indistinguishable From Traditional Photos

3D Modeled Photorealistic Backpacks

Product image rendering is used in many industries: automotive, technological, furniture, fashion, and more. A lot of the time modern CGI goes unnoticed as its photorealism makes it a perfect replacement for traditional photography. Marketers can demonstrate their product to the fullest extent without worrying about it being incorrectly depicted or “off” to the eye. 

In terms of advertising, and aside from delivering photorealism, product image rendering lifestyle shots can put a product in the perfect environment to attract potential buyers. This means that the clothes, bags, furniture or other commodities can be mixed in with the style it was designed for. The end result is a pleasing image that attracts eyes and sells the product more effectively as it becomes relatable to the audience.

#2. CGI Ads Are Made With A Fast Turnaround Time

3D Modeled Photorealistic Body Armor

It is way easier and faster to get product image rendering done over regular photography. When using CGI, a Marketer does not need to organize manufacturing prototypes, renting locations, and hiring a photographer, and wait for it all to come together. He only has to get 3D Artists to recreate his product, texture it and place it into a chosen 3D environment. This can not only save the Marketer’s time but also provides him with a source that can output many product images consistently in shorter time spans. The advertising specialist can even order a whole bulk of images that he needs for his e-store all at once and get them done in time.

#3. Product Image Rendering Is Available For All Budgets

3D Modeled Photorealistic Circular Saw

As there is no need to ship prototypes, rent locations and hire photographers, advertising campaigns get a large potential for cutting costs. To be more specific, making a product image rendering requires only one person at a computer. Hence, a Marketer pays exclusively for the hours of work it takes to complete the project, which is a very cost-saving option. 

The Marketer also gets the opportunity to change certain aspects of product images as the need arises as they can be easily adjusted in 3D software. This means that if an item needs to be recolored or the scene it is in altered, one does not need to pay any additional costs. The main reason is that 3D rendering studios offer at the very least some portion of corrections for free. For instance, UFO 3D provides 60% of revisions without charge, and only after 90% considers it a new separate task.

#4. Product Image Rendering Is Versatile

3D Modeled Photorealistic Loafers

When using photorealistic rendering one is able to tailor ad campaigns to several target audiences. For example, a Marketer can request various lifestyle shots or provide colorways for people with different preferences. Having multiple options for product ads allows every prospect to find something for themselves. In addition, 3D technology helps to create cutaway shots that show the internal workings and quality of a product. Such a variety of visual materials will not only make the goods stand out to the customers but demonstrate all their options and features at the same time.

#5. CGI Advertisements Can Pull Off Any Concept

3D Modeled Advertisement For Watch Design

With the help of 3D rendering, Marketers get the most amazing backgrounds and scenes without having to spend a premium. 3D Artists can create an underwater environment, have the product sitting on the wing of a plane and anything else one can think of. It will look convincing and stand out for the shopper as something interesting that they just can’t ignore. 

Further, Marketers can make sure the ads send the message they intended for the audience. Whether it is to match the brand image, a certain lifestyle or trend, it will be easy to make sure that CGI depicts the story and the purpose of the product accurately.

#6. 3D Rendering Elements Are Reusable

3D Modeled Photorealistic Jacket Design

Marketers can adjust completed 3D models at any time and reuse them for other advertising campaigns. The same goes for CG scenes, textures, design elements, etc. Moreover, long-term users of product image rendering services can create their own library of 3D objects for future usages. This allows them to integrate ready products into new advertisement plans with little cost. It also lets Marketers launch multiple marketing campaigns in close succession for different target audiences.

#7. CGI Ads Are Possible Even Without A Physical Product

3D Modeled Roller Skates

When using product image rendering, Marketers can create promotional material before they have a physical prototype. The only references 3D Artists require are sketches and drawing to recreate a product. Without the need for prototypes, advertising specialists don’t need to worry about delays from the manufacturing process and can easily have the whole marketing campaign ready even before the launch of the product.

Furthermore, product image rendering lets Marketers try different product design ideas and experiment before deciding on the final look of an item. They can even test ads with different product versions to feel out to what audiences have the best responses. As a result, the marketing launch will hold much fewer risks.

#8. Product Rendering Allows For Interactive Advertisements

3D Modeled Kitchen To Advertise Sink And Tap

Nowadays, customers are looking for interactive experiences without having to leave their home. They still, however, want to fully examine products and see how they can use them in detail. Keeping this in mind, Marketers can be sure that employing 360 views and other interactive 3D models will fulfill clients’ needs resulting in more online sales.

For instance, 360 view opens up a lot of possibilities for customers to identify the features of a product – its structure, functions, and design details. Online users can inspect the features and get fully assured that a product offers what they are looking for.

Marketers utilize product image rendering not only because it brings them more promotional options but also because it optimizes the process that they have to go through. It allows them to focus on future projects instead of being troubled with organizing photoshoots and worrying about shifting plans. On top of that, the possibility to skip the production of prototypes significantly cuts the budget for the advertising campaign.

If you are interested in product images for your marketing plans, try our 3D rendering services. We offer flawless product image rendering that will help to show what your goods are about and what makes them stand out from the rest of the market.

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