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3D Ring Modeling and Rendering for Emotional Marketing


Photorealistic rendering for products is a boon for enhancing emotional marketing. This is great news for ecommerce Marketers who know that the only way to stand out in the ocean of ads is to catch customer’s imagination and evoke emotional response. In fact, as Forbes informs, when people have a positive emotional association with a brand, they are 7.1 times more likely to buy its products. 

However, creating an emotional ad is no piece of cake. To get catchy advertising materials, the Marketers invest much resources into photography and even live filming. But these efforts do not always bring the desired results. First of all, the creative possibilities of photo and video are limited. And most importantly, both these means are time-consuming and costly. 

There is a surefire way to get perfect imagery and avoid all these troubles – realistic product modeling. It’s fast, it doesn’t require any efforts from a Marketer, and enables brands to actually upgrade their visual communication. How so? Let’s check out 6 surefire ways photorealistic rendering for products improves emotional marketing.

#1. CGI allows for showing products in many creative formats

If the Marketer wants to use both photos and videos ,he will need the services of different specialists – Photographers, and movie makers. This does not make for an easy and effective workflow. Checking deadlines, communicating with different people, making sure that both final results have a consistent style – it all takes time. Not to mention arranging or overseeing the logistics of 2 different projects.

But when working with a professional CGI studio, it is possible to get any type of photorealistic visuals quickly and for a reasonable price. 3D visualization companies have large teams of specialists who can create any kind of photoreal product rendering — 

still product shots and lifestyles, product animations, or 360° product view letting potential buyers examine an item from every side. A Marketer just has to send information about his product to the studio, specify which types of visuals he wants to get, and then wait for a few days until results are ready. As simple as that!

#2. Photorealistic rendering is an asset for storytelling

Watch Design Rendering for an Emotional Ad

Consumers prefer brands that make their products heroes of stories. As Digital Marketing Institute reports, companies that invest in telling a good brand story can boost the value of their service or product by up to 20 times.

However, the most creative stories might be hard to tell using photography and video — for these means are subject to many limitations, like time and budget. But with photorealistic rendering for products, only sky’s the limit. CGI allows to showcase products in different scenes and settings even in those which would be very challenging or impossible to capture using traditional means. 

As an example, a Manufacturer can ask 3D Artists to make photorealistic 3D renders or an animation showing a hand watch not only on a person’s hand or on a table, but anywhere at all – even on the surface of the Moon. This way, it is possible to get unique visuals that will impress the viewers by the unusual concept, sparking curiosity and reflecting the unique face of the brand.

#3. CG rendering shows people enjoying the product

3D Modeling and Rendering for a Speaker Image

Showing people interacting with a product is a surefire way to evoke an emotional reaction of the viewers. When a potential buyer sees that the item is beneficial and evokes positive emotions, he feels that way too and is more inclined to learn more about the item.

What then stops brands from using people in their ads? Well, it just involves a lot of hurdles –  hiring models, Makeup Artists, Stylists. Which also means additional expenses and time. 

Meanwhile, photorealistic rendering for product helps avoid all these difficulties. A 3D Rendering Artist can just pick appropriate images of people from the CG studio’s base and add them to the visuals so they will look the natural. And, presto, emotional photorealistic visuals with people using the product in question are ready. 

#4. 3D rendering allows changing the atmosphere easily

3D Visualization for a Pair of Black Roller Skates

Traditional product photography is good at conveying atmosphere. A professional photographer knows how to tweak the light, colors and clear the shadowed parts of the picture to set a specific mood. But once the photoshoots are over, there is no way to change the resulting picture. So if the Marketer wants to present his products in another setting and ambiance, he would need to order a whole new photoshoot. 

With photorealistic rendering for products, everything is simple. Unlike photography, 3D visualization allows not just for slightly tweaking effects post factum, but for making major changes too. A 3D Artist can apply different weather effects, change lighting, even create the picture anew if necessary. In that way, it is possible to get imagery with completely different seasons, weather, time of the day, and, as a consequence, new atmosphere and emotion. So if the Creative Director suggested a different concept after the project is over, no need to panic – the 3D Artists will gladly take up this new project. An it’ll be faster and cheaper, since the 3D model is ready.

#5. Photorealistic rendering allows getting imagery before the launch

3D Visualization for a pair of Brown Leather Shoes

One of the best things about high-end 3D modeling and rendering is that it allows starting marketing campaigns even before the real product is manufactured. It is useful when Designers still need more time to discuss the product – make a few adjustments or choose between options.

For while Designers debate, the Marketer needs to get ready for the upcoming launch. The Photographer needs a definite date – and it cannot be given while the prototypes aren’t even ready for manufacturing. Everything depends on the outcome of the Designers discussions. In the meantime, the Marketer is powerless.

That is, he used to be powerless. With photorealistic rendering for products, he can commission the imagery for different variations. So while Designers are reaching a decision, he can start preparations – and never depend on the prototypes again. 

There are many ways photorealistic rendering for products can evoke positive emotions of the potential buyers. It allows for using different creative formats easily, getting ready before the prototypes are ready, telling exciting stories and helping shoppers see how the products can make their lives better. What is more, 3D visualization allows for displaying objects in different settings and atmospheres, and this way evoking different emotions.

Want to get marketing materials that will appeal to your target audience on an emotional level? Contact our studio, and we will provide you with the high-quality 3D modeling and rendering services to achieve just that. 

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