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Product Animations For Elegant Bench Design


Product animations made with 3D modelling and rendering software are far from being a novelty. However, most businesses still prefer to use live-action videos to sell their products, for a number of reasons. First, real videos create a more personal connection to the viewer, since they can associate themselves with filmed people consuming or using goods. Second reason is the feeling of authenticity live-action creates. And finally, why use product animation services when you can just grab a camera and make an ad? Besides, does it really matter what an ad was made with, one might think.

We, however, believe that there’s more to this issue. So join us as we compare real videos and 3D product animations to see which one is better for marketing!

#1. What Fits Modern Marketing Better?

Product Animations For Minimalistic Table And Decor

Both product animations and videos do their job perfectly – they advertise products and attract attention. But to achieve success in modern marketing, businesses should start selling their products before production starts. This is virtually impossible with live-action videos, leaving CGI the only viable option. Not only that, but 3D animation can also visualize the merchandise in a way that is indistinguishable from real items. This would convince potential customers that it’s time to place orders, leading to faster sales.

#2. What Is More Creative?

Product Animations For Retro Car Design

But what has more room for imagination and creativity? The goal of product animations and videos is the same, but the means are completely different. A live-action ad is pretty limited when it comes to locales and organic-looking special effects. A different case is product animation for marketing. 3D modelling software offers near-limitless creativity: exotic scenes, professional lighting and special effects, dynamic and dramatic POVs, the list goes on. As a cherry on top, product animations can be easily stylized to make them more recognizable and grab even more attention.

#3. What Is More Versatile?

Product Animations For Sleek Bar Stools

Promotional videos and product animations are very specialized tools, but how versatile are they in their use? Live-action materials are disposable – they are made to market specific products and discarded when the new line is created. Animated materials, on the other hand, possess a trait that no video can – reusability. Since CGI is produced within a digital environment, assets can be changed on the fly – recolored, reshaped, modified, and so on.

The same goes for scenes. Imagine that there’s a seasonal event or holiday like Christmas or Halloween. A company that uses live-action marketing materials would have to make videos for these occasions separately. Alternatively, a company that uses product animations can use essentially the same ad but with swapped contextual decor. Not only that, but animations can be stockpiled for later use with minimal changes. No one would notice!

#4. What Is Better In Terms Of Production?

Product Animations For A Modern Sofa Design

Promotional material can be shot even with a smartphone camera, so why bother commissioning 3D product animations? Shooting a video is the easy part, writing a script and editing is much more difficult. Also, live-action videos are quite difficult to alter down the line. What about 3D animations? Since they are made within a digital environment and contractors usually maintain 24/7 feedback, changes can be implemented up to the final stages of a project. It won’t be free, and it does require quite a bit of work, but changing assets and scene parameters is much easier than reshooting videos from scratch.

#5. What Has The Better Price?

Product Animation For Wooden Speakers Design

Last, but certainly not least, is the pricing. Again, a promotional video can be made even at home, but the quality will be mediocre at best. Sure, it gets the job done, but it absolutely won’t fit the criteria of a big company, and certainly not an industry giant. Marketing campaigns for these players are worth tens of thousands or even millions of dollars in total, and video costs for them are comparable. Professional live-action materials range from a few thousand to a million USD – and that’s only a rough estimate! What about product animations? Sure, animated media can be quite expensive as well, but nowhere near the numbers we’ve mentioned. Usually the budget is numbered in a few thousand dollars, tops. Besides, project managers can give helpful advice on how to cut costs without sacrificing animation quality.

In the end, while product animations are clearly superior in terms of creativity and workflow, they are not fit for every company. For small businesses with comparatively low budgets it would still be more profitable to go DIY and shoot promotional materials on their own. As for the larger ones, while they would benefit from CGI, there is no need to completely abandon live-action due to how relatable and authentic it is. But if you want to use 3D animation for your products, this is the golden opportunity to try it out. Enhance your marketing campaigns using photorealistic animations with our 3D modelling company!

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