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7 Ways Of Increasing Traffic For Internet Product Marketing

Internet Product Marketing: Increasing Website Effectiveness

Internet product marketing is an important part of any business nowadays. Having and maintaining an effective website is crucial to reach success in ecommerce. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to do just that, some of which an Internet savvy will recognise. They bring an increase in traffic and clientele on their own, and are game-changing when combined. Without further ado, here are seven ways to give your product sites a huge boost!

#1. Make Website A Search Engine Magnet

3d rendering increase seo results

Internet product marketing effectiveness largely depends on how much search engines favor it among the competition. There are several things you can rise to the top of the first page. First, fill the website with content rich in keywords and keyword phrases. Then, carefully add title tags, meta description tags, directory and page names, internal links, make navigation and the site map comprehensive to search engines. Finally, receive support in form of links to your site from well-respected sites with high reputation and place at the front page. After that your site will at the very least be on the front page of any related search.

#2. Involve Social Media

3d rendering for social media marketing

Branching off into the web is another strategy to enhance Internet product marketing. Some say that social media are the new SEO and it’s hard to argue. There are almost no people who don’t use at least Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - and that means having a company’s page with external links to the respective site is guaranteed to bring more customers. Using social media for product launch marketing is also highly effective to raise enough hype and keep in touch with the clientele.

#3. Offer More Than Just Goods

3d modeling for online marketing

Thinking that just products attract customers is irrelevant nowadays. In order to be an effective Internet product marketing tool, modern website has to do several things:

  • Be customer-focused.
  • Provide 24/7 feedback.
  • Attract clients with enticing proposals.

The first two are self-explanatory, but what do buyers want these days? The answer is “your goods and something that will be captivating, unique, worth their time or money on top”. This includes, but is not limited to: free samples, invitations to events such as seminars or webinars on relevant topics, subscriptions to “premium content” or access to “VIP features”. This way customers will get not just the item they wanted, but also a unique experience which will be quite useful for them and, in turn, to the business.

#4. Use Diverse High-Quality Visuals In Addition To Text

CGI for product marketing

Even the best written texts need to have high-quality visuals to back them up - this is rule #1 of Internet product marketing. However, visual content also should be used correctly to avoid getting old and dull. Static images (product shots and lifestyle images) are best used for product pages, 360-degree animations for showcasing new and important items from all sides. CGI is the best option for producing visuals for ecommerce, since it’s cheaper and faster than traditional photography, but beware - 3D modeling and rendering studios specialize in different object visualization, so choose the right 3D Modeler for the job carefully.

#5. Increase Visual Appeal

3d rendering for online product marketing

Visual content for Internet product marketing has to be not just a “good enough” backdrop to text, it should be appealing on its own. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to enhance attractiveness of site to a potential client’s eye:

  • Highlight and focus attention on important items.
  • Avoid using old and stale fonts like Times New Roman.
  • Use an appropriate and consistent color scheme.

#6. Enhance The Website With Interactive Content

3d solutions for increasing engagement

A modern shopper wants buying experience to be unique, and high-quality visuals are one of ways a website can grab their attention. But there is an even better option than gorgeous still shots and animation - interactive content. CGI can be used not only to create visuals, but also to create modular 3D models that can be turned into customisable images for product pages that can demonstrate all item configurations, materials and colors. Another option would be an interactive 3D user manual on how to assemble a furniture piece - a life saver for customers. Or how about a full disassemble/reassemble feature, showcasing the quality of your merchandise? The choice is yours, but it will affect your Internet product marketing a lot - in a positive way!

#7. Go Mobile

3d rendering for mobile marketing

Making a version of your website that is designed to be viewed by gadgets is not an obvious traffic magnet, but, surprisingly, it works. Most Internet product marketing sites are more suited to work with PCs, with HD images and videos and wide text passages. This is uncomfortable to browse through on a smartphone, unless there is a version of the same site for mobile devices. Compressed videos and pictures, texts with more narrow composition and bigger fonts, play-on-click animated visuals - all that is a huge relief for smartphone users, who make up about 90% of people on the planet. So yes, that would be a great idea.

Internet product marketing may be tough, but with these 7 strategies you will definitely have a boost in sales and get a substantial loyal customer base. And while you’re here, it would be a good idea to stock up on some high-quality visuals for your brand new booming websites. Get impactful CGI for ecommerce with our professional 3D modeling services!

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