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7 Tips To Successfully Launch A Product


Marketing a product launch is an exciting and responsible moment for any company. Sometimes it’s similar to casting a die, sometimes it is thoroughly planned - but it is always a stepping stone for a business. However, time passes and techniques for selling new merchandise grow old - and you need to adapt.

A 3D modeling company always has to be on the lookout for new trends and sales strategies. UFO 3D can share some insight into marketing a product launch today. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that your company will be recognised as new Apple of furniture industry, but who knows? Think of these 7 tips as foundation for your future marketing campaigns. The list is divided into 3 parts: what a business should do prior, during and after the launch.

Before The Product Launch

#1. Scout The Audience

3d modeling and rendering for audience research

Modern marketing is about the customer, not the product. There are several ways to make individual client’s experience unique. To learn what works with your target audience try learning directly (by actively communicating with them) and indirectly (by examining how different industries tackle marketing to the same demographic). Perhaps using 3D animation or VR promotional materials will impress potential buyers. Maybe they are looking for a company that can provide extensive feedback, or furniture with innovative design. There is a chance that there are technology buffs among target audience who are passionate about augmented reality marketing. Scout the market and the customer base during preparation for the product launch.

#2. Use Social Media To Share Information About Upcoming Release

3d modeling for social media marketing

Social media are a perfect platform for marketing a product launch. The vast majority of people use them every day for various needs and businesses recognise them as a lucrative market. After all, social networks are called the new SEO for a reason. Furniture producers can benefit from this as well by investing into SM ads. Providing a constant stream of content that vaguely yet excitedly talks about the upcoming release of the merchandise can keep the customers’ interest high. Also worth noting is that people tend to value Internet influencers more, so getting some opinions and support from them will give you a boost in traffic and sales.

#3. Take Your Time And Build Anticipation

3d modeling for product portfolio

Make sure to announce the release way beforehand, but not too early so that buyers’ anticipation rises. Don’t rush it - you’re always in control. Monitor the anticipation through social media and subtle queries. Sometimes peak of interest in the goods is not on the release date. Set up some pre-orders to test the water. Marketing a product launch is about delivering surprises to the target audience, so be creative and use all means to gain an advantage when the time comes.

Launching The Product

#4. Use The Most Effective Media Channels

3d modeling for ads

During preparation for the product launch there should be predetermined channels that guarantee the biggest flock of customers possible: a real-life event, email, social network community, blogs - and don’t forget about support channels. Double-check that everything works as intended and then “press the big red button” to get the show started.

#5. Fire Up The Event

3d modeling and rendering for events

When the launch day comes, it should be a major Event. It could be a Hangout On Air, a webinar, a public meeting or a live chat with anyone who wants to talk to the sales department. A good idea would be to bring customers to the office for a test drive of the product. Just remember that anything you plan must be individually-oriented and focused on personal approach.

Launch Aftermath

#6. Keep Up The Momentum

3d rendering and modeling for email marketing

The day of release have passed, but it’s too early to relax. Marketing a product launch can span weeks or even a month. Continue emailing, providing test drives, posting in social media, etc. Don’t forget about the people who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon - there can be a lot of them! Creating urgency through first week discounts works wonders in such situations. And when the hype dies down, drop a bombshell by announcing future products.

#7. Gather Sales Information And Statistics

product 3d modeling and rendering

Finalising marketing a product launch is just as important as starting it. Focus on retention. What techniques worked? What should you pay attention to next time? How to optimise organisation? Ask a lot of questions to your sales department and see what lessons can you learn from the finished campaign.

We hope these tips were helpful and wish you great success when marketing your product launches. There is no chance to know which strategies will work and which won’t, but this information is sufficient to create a working sales campaign concept. To get more perks without extensive promotion, it would be wise to build up product portfolio - CGI can create impactful and impressive images even before you have the actual items produced. Start using modern technology for sales and promotion today with our 3D modeling services!

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