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Striking Promo Visuals with Digital Product Photography

Creative Product Photography: 6 Types of Product Images That Boost Sales

Today, when virtually anyone can start a business, product brands face fierce competition. Especially so, in the field of ecommerce. Because customers get particularly picky when shopping online. Since they have no physical contact with products and are supposed to make their decisions based just on pictures, the latter must be appealing and convincing enough. Which is why every company is in constant search of ideas for creative product photography.

However, finding inspiration to create beautiful product visuals isn’t enough to improve sales performance. The thing is, traditional photography is a tedious, time-consuming, and very expensive process. Therefore, more and more brands are willing to use CGI product photography services.

It is, indeed, a very practical alternative, considering that the whole 3D modeling and rendering process is purely digital. Moreover, it offers much more creative solutions for those willing to stand out among competitors. So now, let’s see what 6 types of CG product images help companies boost their online sales!

#1. Closeup View

3D Product Photography for Ecommerce

A closeup view doesn’t quite seem unusual at the first look. However, highlighting the right product details can make the images more eye-catching and memorable. For instance, showing high-quality materials up-close will help customers better understand the value of an item, as well as to get a feel of what it’s like to actually touch it.

Now, that can be rather tricky to capture in a physical shoot. And the services of professionals who can do that are extremely expensive. But, fortunately, this is where CG creative product photography offers absolutely game-changing solutions. It allows for producing visuals with photorealistic textures, which can be enhanced by adjusting virtual lighting, shadows, and contrast until the result is just perfect. Plus, since this process is 100% digital, the expenses are much lower.

#2. Cut-Out View

Creative Product Photography Showcasing Design

A cut-out view comes in handy when customers need an extra push to make a purchasing decision. This creative type of virtual product photography shows the inner structure and parts of an item, revealing its impeccable design and functionality. Many brands rely on such visuals to communicate the value of the features that cannot be seen from the outside. Sometimes, those are actually the main selling points. For instance, seeing a sturdy frame of an armchair combined with the most comfortable seat structure will instantly make customers fall in love with the product.

#3. Feature Callout

3D Modeling and Rendering for Ecommerce

A feature callout shot demonstrates a product in action. In this case, virtual creative product photography has yet another strong advantage over the traditional one. The thing is, few photo studios have enough power outlets to plug in appliances that need to be photographed. And if the product needs water or heat to function, shooting it in action becomes a very troublesome task.

Luckily, one can avoid all those nuisances with the help of computer graphics. From a thumb-sized power bank to an actual fireplace, CGI can showcase any item in all of its glory without any technical issues or hazard considerations. Furthermore, various scenarios of use can be animated. This way, shoppers will be able to see how a product works before buying it. And that will eliminate a great deal of hesitation on their side. In fact, some small detail in a feature callout picture might be the key to winning them over.

#4. Lifestyle Image

Creative Scenes for CG Product Photography

A lifestyle image is an absolute must-have type of ecommerce product photography. It shows items in a real-life context, providing customers with a better understanding of their dimensions and style compatibility. Lifestyles are designed to add character to a product so that the target audience finds it to be a perfect match for themselves.

Now, this is where creative product photography faces serious limitations in the physical plane. Ads, catalogs, and social media updates require endless streams of fresh content that will keep all segments of the target audience engaged and loyal to the brand. But setting every lifestyle scene in a studio is a terrible waste of money and time. So, this is where CGI saves the day once again. The 3D modeling and rendering technology allows brands to get unique, eye-catching visuals in great quantities, fast, and at affordable costs.

Photorealistic CG lifestyle pictures can get as creative as the product maker desires. They can feature items in any surroundings from trendy interiors to fantasy worlds. Such diverse and high-quality visuals will always attract a customer’s attention, make the product coveted, and the brand — recognizable at first sight.

#5. Group Shot

Cross-Selling and Upselling with Product CGI

A group shot is a simple, yet elegant solution when it comes to boosting sales. Here, creative product photography can subtly influence a shopper’s decisions on both rational and emotional levels. A group composition can include all the available product options, or showcase several items from one line. This creates opportunities for cross-selling and/or upselling the goods.

For instance, a buyer might easily go for a slightly more expensive option after seeing it side-by-side with their initial choice. Also, a well-designed and arranged composition can convince a customer to buy a whole set of items instead of just one. After all, everyone’s prone to making easy choices. A product brand’s task is just to present those properly.

#6. 360-Degree View


    Last but not least, we have a 360 view. It’s a great way of demonstrating a product on an ecommerce website. Basically, this creative type of visual content allows for spinning a 3D image of an object to see it from every side and angle. There are two main types of 360 views: the single-row one, where the object rotates left and right, and the multi-row one, where it rotates in every possible direction.

    What’s truly great about 360 spins is that they are interactive, and customers love it. Even if a product is simple enough, this bit of interactivity just adds a little fun to the shopping process. It helps to relieve a buyer’s stress and, subsequently, make them feel more confident about a purchase. And in case the product actually has a complex design, this type of image serves as informative content as well.

    So, those were the 6 types of visuals that can definitely help to boost sales. Having read the above, one can certainly say that choosing CG creative product photography over its traditional alternative will prove beneficial for any brand. Firstly, because some kinds of images either cannot be produced the traditional way or it’s too expensive to do so. And secondly, because using CGI allows for streamlining the whole process of creating product visuals, making it infinitely more time- and cost-efficient. And who doesn’t want that, right?

    Are you interested in using 3D modeling and rendering services to improve your company’s sales? Contact us and get top-notch content with minimal effort!

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