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5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography


CGI product photography has skyrocketed in recent years, especially in furniture industry, and for good reasons. Have you ever found it painfully hard to build disposable props that need to look just like the real merchandise and transport it to a studio, then wait for days or even weeks and pay thousands of dollars to get visuals for ads, on top of all other costs for campaigning? Well, compared to all that 3D modeling and rendering seems like a miracle – with your minimal involvement and for a lower price you get photorealistic and gorgeous imagery that is bound to entice potential customers if used right. How it can meet your needs and boost your business? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea for furniture producers to start using CGI.

#1. CGI Product Photography Allows Visualizing Designs That Exist On Paper

5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography: Visualising Designs Not Created Yet

One of the main obstacles for furniture producers, especially new ones, is the fact that they can only create pictures of items that are manufactured. And that’s just the beginning of spending – a business owner has to find a studio, then the pieces have to be transported there and only then shot for a few hundred dollars each. CGI product photography solves that problem entirely. Goods can be photorealistically visualized even before its production starts, lowering overall cost and allowing to start marketing campaign earlier, without having goods in stock.

#2. CGI Opens Rapid Prototyping Possibilities

5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography: Rapid Prototyping

In order to grow a furniture business, constant improvement is mandatory, and usually it comes in form of quality of goods enhancement or some sort of stylistic know-how. Regardless, new things require testing, and design prototyping is often the longest part of production cycle, and one of the most expensive ones, too. Before CGI product photography became a viable solution, furniture producers had to work with disposable props that are far from being free, and scrapping prototypes was not an easy decision – that would mean that money and effort were simply wasted. 3D rendering requires no real objects, just blueprints or sketches for 3D artists to work with. This way manufacturers and retailers can test customer response to their goods before getting to production.

#3. 3D Rendering Allows Better Control Over Scenes

5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography: Better Control Over Scenes

We’ve mentioned that CGI product photography can look indistinguishable from real-life images, but what else it’s capable of? Since 3D modeling and rendering are done within digital environment, it opens a lot of customization options. One of the more important aspects of product visuals is setting a perfect scene, and CGI software lets 3D artists arrange objects, adjust lighting and get gorgeous POVs in any way they need. This control over a scene results in golden marketing materials.

#4. CGI Offers Interactivity To Product Marketing

5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography: Interactivity

Digital media brings a very powerful marketing tool to the table – interactivity. CGI product photography has its own uses, but adding 3D animation and allowing potential customers to rotate, browse customisation options and see how it can fit a certain environment in motion is a whole different level of enticement. Another possible use in furniture marketing in particular is product interactive 3D manuals – letting clients have clear and tangible instructions to object assembly and usage boosts customer loyalty.

#5. 3D Modeling And Rendering Takes Less Time Than Photoshoots

5 Reasons To Replace Photoshoots With CGI Product Photography: Time Saving

An average product line photoshoot takes a week or more to complete, including editing. CGI product photography, on the other hand, takes 24 hours to finish one high-quality lifestyle image, provided the 3D model is ready, and can take even less time with effective cooperation with 3D artists. If the order either doesn’t involve different scenes or leaves setting design to the contractor, a catalogue worth of merchandise visualization can be done within few days. Since meeting deadlines is vital to effective marketing, fast 3D modeling and rendering, coupled with multiple emergency measures to get images on time guarantees that furniture companies will have a huge advantage in competition.

CGI product photography dominates marketing material industry – this is a fact. 3D visuals are cheaper, faster to make and have more uses for furniture producers than traditional photography. So the time has come for you to either replace studio photoshoots with computer graphics entirely or use them sparingly for already ongoing campaigns. Want to find out what 3D rendering can do to improve your sales? Enhance your marketing and entice more customers with our 3D modeling services!

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