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Choosing The Right Type Of 3D Product Shots For Online Marketing

3D Product Shots: Choosing Right Ones For Ecommerce

3D product shots are currently the primary tool for professional ecommerce promotional material production. CGI is cheaper than traditional photos both on product photography cost per shot level and overall revenue-to-expense ratio. Modern 3D modeling and rendering software allows creation of visuals that are indistinguishable from real life photographs. All that makes 3D product images an insanely powerful tool for ecommerce. But the tool has to be used right if you want it to work in your favor.

There are many types of 3D product shots, similar to their photography counterparts. Each type of 3D product photography is best suited for a different purpose. 3D rendering studios tend to specialise, being particularly good at specific types. So be careful when choosing a 3D modeling company for the job. Join us as we examine all types of CGI marketing images and give tips on where each one should be used.

#1. White Background Shots

product rendering with white background

An item with a plain white background - simple and to the point. Among all types of 3D product shots this one is used almost constantly and can be seen in catalogs and other promotional materials. It works best for web platforms like individual or category pages and lists. Overall, if you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest option for menial tasks - this one is for you.

#2. Lifestyle Shots

furniture cg lifestyle

While previous option was plain with no excesses, these 3D product shots are polar opposite of that. Lifestyle images showcase items in natural and appropriate environment, with fitting decor. They serves several purposes. First, the goods seem more tangible, since customers can see how they can fit their homes. Second, it is very enticing visually, making use of not just composition and lighting, but also spot-on interior design and visual storytelling, instantly gaining control of clients’ attention and indulging them to buy not just the item, but also the decor. If you want to diversify marketing visuals and expect great returns - go for lifestyle shots!

#3. Scale Shot

3d rendering for catalog

Now we’re getting into specific 3D product shots territory. Scale shots feature goods in context, providing a comprehensive demonstration of their scale. This might be surprising, but a lot of customers are lacking in spatial measurement department and find it difficult to visualize the size of what they’re buying from looking at numbers at the label. These pictures are extremely useful for showing how big or small is merchandise visually. If you specialize in manufacturing compact or large objects, scale shots will help your catalogs a lot.

#4. Detail Shots

closeup 3d rendering

Another zoom solution for ecommerce visuals. Detail shots are close-ups that showcase material quality, feel of an item or fine design touches that make a huge difference. So if you excel at producing such things, detail 3D product shots are your solution. Make them interactive, so that clients can zoom in and out at will, examining products closely.

#5. Group Shots

3d rendered product options

As the name suggests, group images capture a multitude of items at once. These 3D product shots are extremely effective for showing entire lines of merchandise at once or suggesting accessories and decor. A good choice for a front page of company website or a catalog.

#6. Hero Shots

3d rendering furniture hero shot

This is arguably a separate type of 3D product shots, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you want your promotional materials to make an impact, hero shots come into play. They feature heavy editing, adding cool visual effects like object levitation, multiple foci and so on. Despite being mostly used in classic photography (30% of work is careful shooting and 70% is editing in Photoshop, Lightroom and AfterEffects), a product hero shot can be emulated with CGI - a perfect addition to social media posts!

#7. 360-Degree Shots

product rendering for webpage

Modern clientele wants interactive shopping experience. Many sites have “magnifying glass” feature, but more can be done to satisfy millennials’ demands. A 360-degree product photos allow viewers to rotate objects in real time, examining them from all sides. Perfect for online shopping websites!

Using different 3D product shots appropriately is a game changer in ecommerce. You can put these tips to good use today. Start using CGI to attract and entice customers with our photorealistic 3D modeling services!

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