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3D Model of a Jeweled Brooch

3D Modeling Services Price: 5 Ways to Lower It

Product brands are increasingly employing CGI services to get stunning visuals for catalogs, presentations, and marketing campaigns. But though the demand for 3D visualization is constantly growing, 3D modeling services price does not always fit a manufacturer`s budget. 

There can be many reasons for that. Maybe the brand is a young startup that has already spent a pretty penny on developing a product, so investing much money in CGI is not what they can afford right now. Or, probably the company has put their business on hold due to the quarantine and is now returning to the market with new offers. In these and many other cases, brands might lack funding for marketing but still need quality CG visuals to promote their products. 

So, what to do in such situations? Is there any way for companies to get top-notch CG imagery at budget-friendly rates and avoid mediocre quality? Absolutely! Join us to learn 5 ways in which 3D modeling price can fit within the limited budget!

#1. Choose the services of a CGI company that offers free corrections

3D Modeling Services Price for a Wheeled Camera Drone

When starting a 3D modeling project, one has to be prepared for several rounds of corrections. They are usually an integral part of the process and help get the best outcome possible. However, if there are lots of corrections during the project, it can become excessively costly. The best way to avoid that and save money is to pick a CGI firm that offers free revisions included in 3D modeling services price.

For instance, UFO3D studio provides corrections for up to 60% of a project scale free of charge! If there are more revisions beyond this, however, it will be considered as a new project, and therefore will be billed. To avoid corrections and to keep 3D modeling services price within budget, it is highly recommended to provide a CGI company with as detailed technical assignments as possible.

#2. Use readymade scenes and models from a company’s library

3D Model of a Camo Body Armor

Making CG visuals for a brand new product requires creating its 3D model from scratch. However, this does not apply to secondary objects in lifestyle imagery such as furniture, decor, plants, and so on. When considering side elements, it is important to remember that creating custom ones come at additional charges. Therefore, it is a wise move to choose ready 3D models and scenes from a CGI studio's base. Professional 3D product visualization studios typically have a large library of high-quality premade 3D assets.

For instance, UFO3D has 6143 premade scenes and 47395 models in the database! All of them can be used extensively for customers’ projects. A client can be sure that they will find something that suits their specific needs and avoid spending extra money. So, using readymade 3D models and scenes for product visuals helps keep the 3D modeling services price at a decent amount.

#3. Use 3D models from previous projects or free sources

3D Lifestyle Visualization of a Watch

If a company has employed 3D product modeling services in the past, it probably has 3D models left from those prior projects. These can be included in the technical assignment and then used by 3D artists in the new visuals as primary or secondary objects. This will significantly reduce the project`s price. It is especially useful when a brand needs to show an existing 3D product model in a new setting. In this case, they will have to pay for rendering only. 

Another available option to keep the 3D modeling services price affordable is to browse the web for free 3D models that can be used in visuals. For this, it is recommended to check well-known reliable sources such as CGTrader, 3dsky, Free3D, and so on.

#4. Use readymade textures

3D Model of a White Speaker

To make photoreal CG imagery, it is not enough to create geometrically accurate 3D models of a product. It is also vital to make CG objects' surfaces look realistic. To achieve that effect, 3D artists use texturing. Textures are 2D raster images that simulate real-life materials such as metal, stone, wood, fabric, etc. When applied correctly to an initially gray or white 3D model, they provide it with colors and give them properties such as brightness and transparency. 

Creating complicated textures requires additional efforts from 3D artists. To avoid that, a client should try to find the necessary texturing images on specialized websites like Quixel, 3DTextures, CGBookcase, and so on. If they manage to find suitable textures, a 3D artist will not have to create them from scratch. Which will keep 3D modeling services price affordable.

#5. Stay in touch with the team during the project

3D Model of an Aerial Camera Drone

Being in close and continuous contact with the team is essential to avoid many corrections, and thereby to keep the 3D modeling services price intact. If clients and workers of a CGI studio discuss intermediate results at every stage of the process, 3D artists will know exactly what customers want and will deliver CG visuals that perfectly fit their expectations. To make the communication process smooth, UFO3D studio has a tailored CRM system that allows our clients to be in touch with us consistently, 24/7. In this system, customers can review intermediate results of work, give comments, and ask for corrections. 

There are 5 ways a company can keep the 3D modeling services price within their budget. They should choose a CGI studio that offers free corrections, use ready 3D models and scenes from a 3D visualization firm`s library, and also utilize CG assets from their previous projects. They can also use readymade 3D models and textures from reliable web sources. Last but not least, they should control the quality of results regularly by being in touch with the design team throughout the process. This will help to avoid major corrections and to reduce CGI services price. 

Need catchy high-quality CG visuals of your goods at an affordable price? Contact UFO3D for professional 3D modeling and rendering services, and we’ll help you with that!

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