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3D Product Model Of A Camera Drone

How 3D Modeling for Product Design Saves Promo Campaigns

3D modeling for product design can help with planning and eventually launching a successful promotional campaign. Which can be quite a challenge for a brand. To do it, marketers have to take care of many things. They need to research their target audience, establish clear goals, formulate a unique selling proposition, etc. Also, they have to arrange a photoshoot of products to get attractive visual content for a campaign. 

The latter comes with multiple issues. They include the transportation of goods to and from the studio or shoot location, the renting of props, and waiting for a long time while the photographers process the images. This undertaking is a hassle itself but there can also be additional problems. What if the products are yet to be manufactured or the visuals are required urgently and there is no time for a proper photo session? Is there any way to launch a successful campaign in such cases?

The answer is yes if a brand opts for 3D modeling for product design. CGI becomes a perfect solution in the above-mentioned as well as other tough situations that can occur during the preparation of a marketing campaign. So, join us to find out how 3D modeling benefits can save a product marketer’s day!

#1. CG visualization helps get promo visuals before the final design of an item is approved

3D Modeling For Product Design Of A Speaker

It happens that the deadline for the marketing campaign’s launch is looming but product designers are still making adjustments to the final version. This could be about its inner mechanics or some small feature that needs to be tweaked. However, without the final design, a photo session cannot happen because the product has not been manufactured and there is nothing to shoot. As a result, there will be no visuals to display, ultimately delaying the campaign and resulting in losses.

This problem gets solved with the help of 3D modeling for product design. Marketers can contact a CGI firm and send drawings of the products to them. The 3D artists will then create photorealistic visuals to display the item as it was already manufactured. So even if the designers are still working on the product’s inner mechanisms, the marketers can initiate a successful campaign with quality imagery.

#2. 3D modeling for product design allows for getting images for situational marketing quickly

3D Product Model Of A Pair Of Loafers

With traditional photography, creating images for situational marketing requires much effort from a manufacturer. Not only do these pictures need to be always ready in time for a particular holiday like Christmas or Easter but the marketers also require a new set of imagery for every single occasion. Of course, organizing a new photoshoot for each event is both time-consuming and expensive.

But with 3D modeling for product design, it’s much easier and less costly. A professional 3D visualization studio typically has an entire library with 3D scenes and models of various decor. The marketer can just choose appropriate 3D elements in a CGI studio’s database, and then 3D artists will use them to create stunning images of a product for holiday marketing. So, the marketers do not have to spend hours in a studio until the photographers have captured every item in the collection in a particular holiday setting. 

Even if the marketer wants to tailor the aesthetic of the resulting imagery to suit the brand’s tone and messaging, it can be done effectively and quickly with 3D modeling for product design. The 3D artist can digitally create a scenario that is unique and sends the right message to the consumer. This is both fast and budget-friendly, as compared to classic photography.

#3. CGI allows for making last-minute changes to the design of promo materials

3D Product Model Of Camouflage Body Armor

Change is the only constant in life. And marketing is no exception, especially when it comes to developing promotional materials that might require some changes at the very last minute. For instance, there’s a day left before the launch, and marketers decide that it would be better to show a product from another angle or slightly change the setting. With traditional photography, getting new visuals in such short terms would be just impossible. 

But with 3D product modeling and rendering, making changes to the imagery is fast and easy. A 3D artist can use the previously made 3D scene to render new pics showing a product from another angle. Or, they can easily put a 3D model in another setting to create imagery with a completely new concept. This way, 3D modeling for product design allows for flexibility and reduces a great deal of stress for the marketing team.

#4. CG rendering allows for showing each product in a separate lifestyle image for a reasonable price

3D Product Model Of A Silver Jeweled Ring

To sell products successfully, a brand needs to display the entire assortment in the most attractive way possible. With traditional photography, it means shooting every item from different angles and in multiple scenarios. This is expensive and takes too much time.

3D modeling for product design is a great alternative to photography in this case. A 3D artist can make a single 3D model and make multiple alterations to it show different variations of the item: various colors, configurations, etc. CGI also allows for showing every product in every variation in a separate lifestyle image. For instance, it can showcase a silver ring with white flowers on background, a golden ring with pink flowers, and so on. While photographing every piece of jewelry collection with different props would be a long and expensive undertaking, CGI makes it a piece of cake. A 3D artist just adds suitable 3D models of decor to every 3D image on a computer. Which is fast, convenient, and less costly as compared to photography.

#5. CGI displays products in a unique scenario to help them stand out

3D Lifestyle Of A Watch In Space Setting

With so many options available to modern buyers, it is a challenge to attract them with regular images, even if they are of the highest quality possible. Marketers are faced with the persistent challenge of developing creative ways to make their products stand out. But often it is not easy to bring these ideas to life with traditional photography. 

What if the item needs to be displayed on top of the Empire State Building or in the middle of the Sahara desert? 3D modeling for product design is the answer in such cases. A seasoned 3D artist can recreate any setting on a computer in photorealistic quality, so marketers do not have to travel to any distant and hard-to-reach destination for a photoshoot. 

To sum it up, 3D modeling for product design saves the day when a promo campaign is on the line. CGI helps account for delays in approval of the final version and allows for the last-minute changes to the imagery. 3D rendering helps to get holiday marketing visuals with ease and show every product in every variation in different lifestyle setting for a reasonable price. On top of that, CG visualization provides an opportunity to display products in a way that makes them stand out.

Need professional 3D modeling and rendering services for your campaign? Contact UFO3D and we’ll make superb CG visuals that will send your products like hotcakes!

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