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Photoreal 3D Model Of A Wheeled Camera Drone

3D Modeling Benefits: 5 Unbeatable Advantages for Product Promotion

3D modeling benefits help promote goods effectively as never before. This makes the technology a treasure trove for marketers in today’s increasingly competitive business world. Some time ago, they used only photos for advertisements. And there was a greater need for marketers to present their products through more engaging, interactive, and impactful visuals. This is where digital visualization came into play. 

Using 3D modeling benefits, businesses can get visuals that give potential customers a real feel and look of the commodity. Which increases the chances of conversion. And it can be done easily without need to worry about the time and labor required to make promotional materials. The thing is that unlike traditional photography, 3D visualization does not require producing the samples of products, transporting them to the photo studio and back. Everything is done in a digital environment by 3D artists. To take all the benefits from CGI, businesses just need to find a reliable 3D product modeling company and fill a brief.

So, as the adage goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ which is indeed true. And now it makes sense saying that a picture made using 3D modeling and rendering is worth a million words when it comes to product promotion. Why so? Read on to learn why 3D modeling benefits are such a boon in the modern marketplace. 

#1. CG modeling allows leveraging the power of customization

3D Modeling Benefits: Luxurious Watch

Modern shoppers want things done their way, so they expect businesses to deliver customized items that fit their individual preferences. According to Deloitte, one in every three consumers looks for the ability to personalize items when shopping. They expect manufacturers to provide goods that bring benefits to their individual lifestyles. This means that marketers have to focus on creating fully custom experiences to keep up with the competition. Luckily, the game-changing 3D modeling technology provides unlimited power for customization. How so? Let’s see.

One of 3D modeling benefits is the ability to show all the variations of design with ease. What’s more, professional 3D modeling studios have many ready photorealistic lifestyle scenes and decor with which 3D models of items can be shown. This means that the same 3D model of a product can be put in multiple realistic settings. So, marketers can create short-term promotions and seasonal offers without requiring a photoshoot for each design variation on each occasion. 

Also, one of the main benefits of 3D modeling is that it allows marketers to use superior product bundling. The latter is a key element of customization. For instance, 3D artists can smartly put together in one picture 3D models of outfits that complement each other. This would be a great way to market the items because most people buy multiple pieces of clothing once they’re inspired that the outfits go well together. 3D modeling would be an ideal solution in such a scenario, unlike regular photography, where photoshooting every bundling option requires too much time and money.

#2. CGI allows for winning clients through emotional visuals

3D Models Of Stylish Earrings

As HubSpot reports, promotional materials that engage customers’ emotions sell twice more than the rational adverts. So, it makes perfect sense to claim that emotional marketing goes a long way in closing or breaking deals. And the benefits of 3D product visualization allow using this tool at full strength.

With CGI, brands can get lifestyle imagery that showcases their items in different real-life contexts. Such visuals help viewers recall their own memories and experience, imagine the product in their life. This helps them to build an emotional connection with offered goods. Now, thanks to 3D modeling and rendering, marketers can get such visuals without the need to transport products and decor to a photo studio. Actually, even the product itself can be still at the design stage! Using the drawings of a future item, 3D artists can recreate it in a digital environment, so the manufacturers can start using emotional marketing before the product’s launch.

Also, 3D visualization can tell the unique story of a brand or its products through creative photorealistic renders. CG artists can show products in any unusual settings that impress and attract viewers. For instance, with CGI, it is possible to show items in literally any scene, be it a distant desert or open space. Such unusual images are bound to hook the potential buyers emotionally. This way, 3D modeling benefits help brands to connect with audiences at a deeper level.

#3. CG modeling helps brands succeed at trade shows

Photoreal 3D Model Of A Workout Machine

3D modeling benefits help manufacturers promote their brands at trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions. By working with a reputable 3D modeling specialist, brands can get a world-class display that not only draws attention to the items but also sparks important conversations with prospects. The benefits of 3D modeling for trade shows are unlimited. They range from engaging employees upfront to giving an immersive experience during the show. How so? 

Before the exposition, manufacturers reach out to potential attendees through social media platforms, e-mails, and web ads. When doing that, they can attract prospects with high-quality visual content realistic CG imagery. Also, manufacturers can take benefits from 3D modeling during trade shows and exhibitions. One of the main advantages is that a product modeling company can create visuals for commodities that are still in the design stage. Brands can show CG imagery and videos for upcoming items in different colors, sizes, and shapes. CG pictures can also illustrate the internal structure and functionality of items to trade show attendees. This way, potential buyers can evaluate the planned launches and satisfy their curiosity.

And with AR and VR technologies, 3D visualization brings even more benefits to brands that take part in trade shows. These revolutionary technologies are based on 3D modeling. With AR and VR, companies can get interactive photorealistic 3D models of their goods and let prospects contact with them in digital environments. For instance, with virtual reality, trade show attendees can visualize and interact with objects in the virtual dimension by simply putting on a VR headset.

#4. CG modeling allows for taking all the benefits from SMM

3D Model Of Laquered Leather Shoes

According to GlobalWebindex, around 54 percent of users browse social media before making a purchase. This shows how social networking platforms hold great potential for business growth. However, to take all the benefits from the opportunities offered by social media, businesses need an effective strategy and catchy promotional materials. 

3D modeling can help brands create massively impactful visual content for social media promotion. To start with, 3D visuals allow the target audience to participate in the design process. By this, we mean that brands can share photoreal 3D images of their product variations on social media channels before the launch. They can ask potential customers on how they find the goods. Buyers can view 3D items and give feedback about them to manufacturers so that they adjust the upcoming design accordingly.

Among another notable 3D modeling benefits for SMM is that it allows businesses to update their pages regularly. With traditional photography, much effort would be needed to get enough pictures for Instagram, Facebook and other platforms for daily or even weekly updates. But with the benefits of 3D modeling, it can be done easily. Using just one 3D model of an item, 3D artists can create an unlimited number of images with different settings and decor.

#5. CGI helps product brands to succeed on e-commerce platforms

3D Model Of A Quad-Propeller Camera Drone

3D visualization helps manufacturers convey their message effectively on global online marketplaces. With 3D modeling, it is possible to get any kind of marketing visuals. These can be images with white background, lifestyle imagery, 360 spins, or 3D animations showing the functionality of an item in motion. These CG visuals can be used for commodity positioning on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba to improve sales performance, which is one of the most notable 3D modeling benefits.

And there is more to come. Now, experiential retail is among the top trends in shopping. So, brands need to find a way of giving their customers the “try before you buy” experience on online platforms. Fortunately, this is among the most notable benefits of 3D modeling in product design. It allows online retail business owners to create life-like virtual experiences of interacting with the products for their buyers. Such ecommerce giants as Amazon and Shopify have already launched AR shopping apps. Using such applications, the potential buyers can visualize realistic 3D models of products right in their homes to see if they fit in with their interior. 

3D modeling benefits opens a whole new world of opportunities for product marketers and manufacturers. CGI allows brands to take all the benefits from the power of customization, make use of emotional marketing, and shine on trade shows. Also, 3D visualization helps greatly with SMM and makes winning clients on ecommerce platforms easier than ever. 

Want to use all the benefits of 3D visualization for commodity promotion? Contact us for professional 3D modeling and rendering services and get stunning CG visuals to promote your products. 

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