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Speeding Up 3D Furniture Modeling Projects


3D furniture modeling has multiple uses: product prototyping, promotional material production or ecommerce. It takes less time than classic photography, but still is relatively fast. Usually time that it takes to finish a 3d modeling project are set during initial communication between clients and project managers. However, sometimes the deadline is pushed further for a variety of reasons.

Despite popular belief that everything depends on the studio, there is a way for you to influence turnaround time. Just remember to do these 6 things and you will get your 3D product renderings and models fast.

#1. Have A Clear Idea In Mind Before Project Start

3d modeling for new products

One of the reasons 3D furniture modeling projects take longer is lack of definite idea on the goals. It is very important to have a clear understanding of what is the intended result. With that it’ll be much easier to avoid major corrections or scrapping the progress made, significantly shortening turnaround time.

#2. Provide Accurate Specs And Photos

3d product rendering

3D modelers find much easier to work with accurate specifications of objects, and photographs are just what they need to understand how products have to look and feel. The reason for this is the simple fact that without a specific task 3D artists have to use their imagination when working with fine details - which doesn’t always brings the intended results. As a result, the progress halts, deadline is pushed further away and everyone is dissatisfied. Sending all furniture specs, personal preferences on decor and scene and photographs of products gets rid of this problem.

#3. Too Many POVs Are Overkill

product 3d modeling and rendering

Naturally, customers want to have their product visualized from all possible angles for promotional materials and product launch campaings. However, this amount of images is not always necessary. A better idea from a logistical point of view is to pick a few best angles for 3D furniture modeling and let the project team work with them. This way, workload is lower, and the results come in faster.

#4. Use Premade Scenes And Decor

3ds max scenes for CG lifestyle

Using premade 3D sets and decor elements saves a lot of time for 3D modelers. If you’re concerned whether you find something that fits your design or not - there are 20000+ scenes and 3D decor models to choose from at UFO3D. Not only is it cheaper, but also it’s much faster. If you want everything to be unique and order custom models, 3D furniture modeling will take a lot longer.

#5. Go For Standard Packages

door set 3d modeling and rendering

UFO3D provides several 3D furniture modeling project packages. They include certain predefined sets of options regarding size, complexity, decor, image resolution and other cosmetic changes. Doing a preset task is obviously faster than custom one, and by ordering one of packages you know exactly how long 3D modeling terms will be.

#6. Order Images With White Backgrounds

3d product shot with white background

When you need just a 3D model of a product, for prototyping or promotional materials, it’s not necessary to be fancy. In this case, instead of complex backgrounds and/or sets it would be cheaper and faster to make images with plain white background. It will drastically reduce project time.

If you follow these tips, 3D furniture modeling will take a lot less time. If you want to try these tips out, start today. Get photorealistic furniture visualizations for all your needs fast with our professional 3D modeling services!

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