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Photoreal 3D Model Of A High-End Workout Machine

3D Animated Product Presentation: How It Boosts Conversion

3D animated product presentation helps manufacturers attract attention to their brand and boost online sales. Which makes this tool a real blessing for ecommerce businesses. The thing is that despite all the resources marketers invest in online commerce, the result is not always satisfying. As Sale Cycle informs, only 43.8% of all web-store visitors view a product page, 14.5% add goods to a cart, and only 3.3% end up making a purchase. So, why is the number of actual buyers so small?

Often, the lack of product understanding is the reason. Shoppers just can’t get all the details about the goods from still pictures and texts that they usually see on a store’s webpage. And even if they like an item, they may hesitate to buy it because there is no chance to examine and test it thoroughly like in a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, oftentimes prospects prefer to go offline and choose something in a good old physical shop.

But this won’t happen if manufacturers opt for 3D animated product presentation. With a CG video, they won’t lose customers and will increase ecommerce conversion rate. Join us and learn 5 ways 3D animation can help achieve it!

#1. CG animation explains a product

Some products, like electronic devices and appliances, are best presented in motion. Their high-tech features are designed to improve people’s lives, and the potential users should be able to see exactly how they work. 

To provide them with such a possibility, a manufacturer can make plenty of pictures demonstrating all product’s modes and functions. And even write a long and detailed manual. But all these materials might be not enough to convince the potential buyer. 

Let’s say a prospect who’s at the top of the sales funnel comes across a brand’s web store. They don’t know yet if they want to buy an innovative electronic device that this shop is offering. But the picture of the item in the catalog catches their attention, and they open a product page. What do they see there? A few images of an item shown from different angles and a long text that takes around 10 minutes to read. The imagery does not provide a full understanding, and the manual is too long and a prospect simply doesn’t have time or wish to read it all. As a result, they just leave the webpage.

But what if the customer sees a photoreal 3D animated product presentation instead of long text and still images? Such a CG video can show an item in action and explain all its functions and even the process of assemblage and installation in just a few minutes! No need to examine pictures and read texts everything is perfectly clear from the 3D footage. It is likely to impress and engage the prospect. A 3D animation will help them easily visualize the gadget and its benefits. This way, chances for the conversion skyrocket in the blink of an eye. What’s even more exciting, a 3D animated product presentation can showcase those products that are not manufactured yet! So, CGI footage can help to pre-sell items. 

#2. Digital animated presentations help tap into the viewers’ emotions

CG animations help brands make use of emotional marketing. It is possible since a 3D animated presentation can show items in context. When watching such a CG video, the viewers can easily imagine how they will use this product in their daily life. Also, 3D animations often feature interesting visual effects that surprise and impress the viewers. Let’s see how it works.

Seasoned 3D artists can create a CG animation for any product, be it’s electronics, clothing, jewelry or whatever else. For example, they can show a state-of-art electric kettle in a beautiful kitchen, so a prospect will see how stylish the device looks in the context. What’s more, the prospects will watch it in action. They’ll see how hot steaming tea from the kettle is filling a cup and will feel the desire to taste it. This way, a 3D animated presentation can help potential buyers establish an emotional connection with the brand. Or, a 3D demonstration can show a product in an unusual format. For instance, in the CG footage above, innovative exercise equipment is shown as a set of separate details flying in the air and then suddenly assembling into one unit. Such a creative 3D animation is bound to wow the viewers, increasing the chances for conversion.

#3. A 3D animated product presentation is an asset for cross-selling

A Person In A Suit Holding A Tablet

In a 3D animated presentation, brands can promote more than one item from their assortment. And what’s important, they can do it in a non-intrusive and seamless way, avoiding hard selling. If a prospect decides to check on different products they saw in the 3D animated presentation, it will feel natural, and they won’t feel pushed into a purchase. So, how exactly does it work?

Let’s say a company sells electric toothbrushes and wants to demonstrate them in a 3D animated product presentation. In this case, marketers can show not only the main item but also related products such as toothpaste and floss made by the same brand. This way, the potential buyers will learn about a wider range of goods from one 3D footage. So, there will be more chances that they will buy one or more of them.

#4. Animated product presentations unlock the benefits of YouTube

Youtube Homepage On A Computer Screen

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second most visited website in the world after Google. It has 2 billion users. And the time the viewers spend watching video content on YouTube is longer than that of Netflix and Facebook together. On top of that, creating a YouTube channel is free. With all these benefits, the platform is the perfect place for product manufacturing companies to reach out to their target audience.  

For this, the brands need to create a YouTube channel with catchy video content. And a 3D animated product presentation can be of great help here. First, it allows for making digital videos of those products that have not been manufactured and launched yet. And as for the items that already exist, a 3D animation can also be a better solution than a real video. Why so? 

The thing is that filming many product videos takes a lot of time and effort from a brand’s marketers. They need to have a scenario written, rent or buy professional filming equipment, hire a cameraman, choose a location, transport products and decor there and back. But with 3D modeling and animation for marketing they do not have to do any of this. To create a photoreal 3D animated product presentation, professional 3D artists just need a smartphone pic of a product and requirements from a client about the setting and scenario. This way, brands can get eye-catching videos for their Youtube channels easier than ever before.

#5. CG product presentation is a perfect tool for storytelling

Diagram Explaining How Storytelling Works In A 3D Animated Product Presentation

According to Smart Insights, 92% of customers want to see ads that tell a story. That is because stories evoke and hold interest, and may even change the audience’s view of the world. For example, Airbnb did that in their animated promo video called “A Different Paris”. In this CG footage, they break the stereotypical ideas about Paris and offer to explore the real city image. 

A similar principle can be used in product 3D animations. The items can be shown in unusual scenarios and become a part of interesting stories. A Creative 3D animated presentation can speak the brand’s ideas and stick to the potential buyers’ minds. With the right soundtrack, such videos are bound to win the hearts of shoppers. What’s more, 3D animated stories can go viral on the web and quickly increase brand awareness.

A 3D animated product presentation can become a treasure trove for manufacturers. CG videos explain the functionality of the products, show them in a real-life context, and allow for cross-selling goods. 3D animations also pave the way for brands to succeed on YouTube and helps win clients by telling captivating stories about the products. 

Want to turn leads into clients of your ecommerce brand easier than ever before? Contact UFO3D for 3D modeling and rendering services and get perfect tools to do just that.

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