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White Background Product Image of a Drone

White Background Product Photography: 5 Reasons to Order It at a CGI Studio

Many product companies find it challenging to get high-quality white background product photography for their ecommerce listings, catalogs, and promo campaigns. There’s never enough time to prepare the visuals for new launches, and it’s always so expensive to shoot real items. At the same time, rolling out sub-par images can directly affect online sales in a negative way. Especially now, as ecommerce is constantly on the rise, with customers relying on pictures alone when making purchasing decisions.

Luckily, there’s a way to save both time and money on high-quality product images by using 3D modeling and rendering services. Besides the fact that CGI production is a very efficient process itself, it’s also possible to outsource it. This way, any brand can get outstanding ecommerce product photography with absolutely minimal effort. Now, read on to get a line on 5 main reasons why CGI is more than worth the attention.

#1. CGI Photography Requires No Product Samples

White Background CGI of a Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes, a product range is not complete yet when the preparation of the marketing campaign and pre-sales begin. Sadly, one always requires a ready-made prototype for traditional white background product photography. However, that’s easier said than done, especially in the case of expensive or technologically advanced items. And that’s where CGI comes into play.

Even when creating the necessary images is impossible by means of a regular photoshoot, virtual product photography on white background can be literally made out of thin air. By using 3D modeling and rendering services, perfectly made product visuals are ready to be seen by other businesses, start-up investors, and soon-to-be clients.

Also, CG photography makes it possible for a brand to pre-compile catalogs and thoroughly prepare the advertisements. As a plus, 3D services allow making any adjustment without quality loss, if product design has been changed, no matter slightly or drastically.

#2. Working with a CGI Studio is Incredibly Cost-Efficient

CG White Background Product Photography of an Armchair

Some might think that white background product photography is a seemingly inexpensive way of product presentation. However, it is a common misconception. Hiring a photographer, renting a specialized studio and equipment, organization of assistants’ and logistic services’ work, and photo retouching – all of these things do cost a pretty penny.

Now, CG product photography with white background is a turnkey service, which allows its clients to get a high-class result at a reasonable price. Surely, the same result can be reached at professional studios, but the price is usually beyond budget means, and the inconvenience level is insanely high. By working with a team of dexterous 3D artists, a business can get admirable yet affordable visual content without any fuss and headache.

Furthermore, one can outsource 3D modeling and rendering from anywhere in the world. Because of economical differences between various regions, the cost of top-tier visualization often comes as a pleasant surprise.

#3. CG Product Photography is Extremely Time-Efficient

Photorealistic 3D Visualization of a Cozy Chair

One should always keep in mind that white background product photography takes a great deal of time to produce. It might seem that a manufacturer has nothing to do with the process. But arranging logistics, finding a suitable photo team, and fieldwork management definitely won’t save the brand’s time.

On the other hand, the time it takes to create a 3D model of a product is much shorter. In fact, even the most complex designs can be visualized within only a few days. Moreover, outsourcing CGI services requires minimal involvement on a manufacturer’s side. This means they can simplify their work process and focus more on other aspects. For instance, on perfecting their marketing strategy.

Moreover, if there have been changes in the design, a ready 3D model can be adjusted in no time at all. While in the case of physical photography, all the photos need to be retaken.

#4. With 3D Visualization, One Can Easily Showcase the Entire Product Range

Showing Different Color Options with Product CGI

Large-scale retailers still face the problem of getting high-quality and identical photos in one package, if the product is of the same type but different color or material. Even with professional white background product photography, color changing via photo editing will not look accurate enough.

Oftentimes, manufacturers don’t show all product options on the item itself. They show one or two variations of the thing that’s being sold and then add color and material samples down below. This may lead to customer dissatisfaction upon delivery. Because it’s impossible for the client to know for sure what the product will look like without looking at an illustrative picture. Then, it’s also relevant for brands that take custom orders. Actually, those can benefit a lot from using 3D product configurators. They are digital tools that allow customers to create their own designs using a proposed set of options.

Furthermore, CGI makes it as easy as ABC for a company to showcase a widened product range once a 3D model has been made. For instance, if a brand decides to add new color or material variations at some point. In this case, a 3D artist will only need to change the textures on an existing model.

#5. CGI Allows for Creating Interactive 360 Views for Ecommerce Websites


    As is well-known, engaging interactive 360 views are great attention hooks. They make users spend more time looking at a product from different sides. Online shoppers love spinning, twiddling, and interacting with clickable elements, and therefore these things must be inch-perfect. To create a 360 view using white background product photography, 36 bang-up photos must be taken thoroughly down to millimeters. Naturally, it’s a grueling and pricey process.

    Fortunately, 3D visualization is an absolutely precise, rapid and well-coordinated method of making product photography with white background for this purpose as well. As a result, a brand gets a perfect set of images for a 360 view. It allows online shoppers to get a better understanding of a product and makes them more confident about buying it.

    So, those were the 5 rock-solid reasons to order white background product photography at a CGI studio. Here, one can say for sure that this is a really decent alternative to traditional photography. And, in some cases, it’s actually the only way of getting all the necessary visuals. Moreover, outsourcing 3D visualization services makes this process incredibly convenient, as well as budget-friendly and time-efficient.

    Are you interested in using 3D modeling and rendering services to get the best visuals for your brand? Contact us! We’ll make sure that your products look gorgeous and deliver top-notch results within just 1 week!

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