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5 Ways To Cut Product Rendering Costs

Product Rendering Cost Reduction: 5 Methods

Product rendering cost varies from company to company, there is no real set standard regarding that. Businesses that outsource 3D modeling always try to find the cheaper alternative – for a number of reasons. Maybe a company wants to expand marketing campaigns by increasing funding for PR or add a large catalog but has very limited budget. Maybe just before a campaign starts the marketing department finds out that there has been a mistake in calculations and they have less money left for product rendering. Whatever the reason, businesses don’t have a lot to spend on getting visuals – is it still possible to have gorgeous pictures for their needs? Absolutely, and there are several ways to reduce the price and get high-quality product images at the same time.

#1. Avoid Urgency At All Cost

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3D rendering takes time to make, and if there is a need to get high-quality images fast, price increases due to urgency. Look no further than our 3D rendering portfolio – every piece has been made in at least 24 hours – and this is the bare minimum required to make a good CG picture. Of course, it can be done faster, but it would require involvement of more teams of professional 3D artists and would cost a lot more as a result. So first thing a company should do to reduce product rendering cost is not placing an order at the last minute.

#2. Provide Full Specifications

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In order to avoid miscommunication businesses should provide full specifications of items they want visualized. That includes descriptions, blueprints and photographs – the latter being the best option. Providing correct and comprehensive references is key to lowering both 3D product rendering cost and creation time.

#3. Pick Pre-Rendered Scenes

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Product visualization can create various items from different spheres, and it is possible to place merchandise in any environment – from plain white backgrounds to vibrant scenes that set the context – a vital element of visual storytelling. If there is a need to add more flavour to marketing campaigns, contextual decor demonstrates how goods benefit customers. In this case a company should choose an appropriate setting, something unique and captivating – but it’s product for sale, not a scene. So in order to reduce product rendering cost even further, it would be wiser to pick a pre-rendered background from a library when ordering 3D visualization services. There are 6143 premade scenes in UFO3D asset storage, any of which can provide natural context to merchandise and has a flat price.

#4. Choose Premade Decor Elements

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A company orders unique 3D models and choose a scene, but what about side elements that add believability to the visual narrative? Creating custom decor is an additional service which increases 3D rendering price. 3D product visualization studios have a large stock of premade 3D models, from paraphernalia to furniture, from soda cans to cars – it’s very likely to find something that suits specific needs. Editing, placing and arranging things that already exists instead of making new ones is a great way to cut costs.

#5. Check Drafts And Scenes Carefully

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So, 3D modeling and rendering process has started and you have access to 24/7 feedback service, such as the one UFO3D has. This is the project stage where it’s much easier to correct tasks if something is off, so you should make sure to check progress frequently if you want to avoid major reworks in the future. If the corrections amount to more than 60% of the initial budget, a thing that can only happen at later stages, this results in starting a new project, doubling the price. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and check drafts and scenes carefully to avoid drastically increasing product rendering cost.

And there you have it – 5 easy ways you can reduce product rendering cost without sacrificing visual quality and having to risk failing marketing campaigns. Don’t order CGI at the last minute, provide comprehensive specifications, use premade 3D decor models and scenes and frequently check early creation process stages. Want to get gorgeous visuals that will blow your customers’ minds? Outsource 3D visualization of your goods to our product rendering company to outmatch your competition and boost profit!

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