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Outsource 3D modeling services are a brand-new tool for product marketing and prototyping. They are a rather new option, so many hesitate to use CGI instead of photography, let alone delegate it. So to take a decision, Manufacturers seek information — surf the Internet for testimonials, ask colleagues. As a result, they discover that the opinions differ. Some Marketers say that outsourced 3D modeling services are a gift that has made their work much easier, and advertising materials — better. Others add that outsource 3D modeling and rendering services can be cost-effective, self-managed, and provide results fast. Yet, some fear that CGI providers may fail deadlines or reveal some sensitive project information. Whom to believe?

After 7 years on the CGI market, our team is familiar with all kinds of myths about outsourcing 3D modeling services. The fact is, they are nothing else than cautionary tales. Moreover, these legends can help to find the right contractor and learn more about 3D studios. So let’s confront these myths together and see if there’s any truth in them.

#1. Outsource 3D Modeling Companies Don’t Deliver High Quality

3D Render Of Comfortable Armchair

Some may believe that outsource 3D visualization companies provide low-quality models and don’t care about the product’s future success. Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Professional outsource 3D modeling services realize that the high quality of their designs guarantees the loyalty of customers and ensures the latter spread a word about the brand. That is why the professional CGI providers put a lot of resources into ensuring high-end results.

Notably, they use cutting-edge professional CAD software and hardware that allows to optimize the pipeline for any specific task. As for the 3D Artists who work with this state-of-the-art equipment, they continuously increase professionalism by attending training, workshops, and courses. Thus, armed with powerful high-tech tools and multiple professional skills, the specialists of outsource 3D visualization services provide the most accurate and realistic digital 3D models.

#2. Outsource CGI Companies Take Only Large Orders

3D Rendering Of an Elegant Sofa

Another misconception is that providers of outsource 3D modeling services are only interested in large-scale orders. But in fact, they are eager to create a single custom product 3D model as much as CGI for a whole furniture collection. That is because professional 3D visualization firms have many teams of multi-skilled specialists, and thus always have a team available to help in any kind of task. For instance, our company has 294 professionals who can do everything from 3D modeling and animation to virtual tours — and are always ready to take up any scale.

#3. Confidential Data Security May Be Under Risk

3D Rendering Of Pair Of Chairs

Manufacturers might hesitate to outsource 3D modeling services because of fear that a contractor may disclose some information about the project. But the truth is that at the customer’s request, the CGI providers can sign NDA and thus guarantee that all the data will be kept safe. And even without NDA signed, the 3D modeling studio’s internal policies prohibit the use of any project details without the Manufacturer’s consent.

#4. There Is No Way To Control The Project

3D Rendering Of Tables On White Background

Some Manufacturers fear that they will have no control over the products 3D modeling project. What can one possibly do when working with an outsource contractor except for waiting? Which is far from true: professional CGI providers understand that the client is the central figure of a project and needs access to the working process. To achieve it, 3D modeling studios use CRM systems which allow to track the project development.

What is more, CRM helps Manufacturers to interact with the project team directly. It means that the system allows to communicate with 3D Artists — ask them for corrections, leave feedback. In such a way, the amendments can be introduced to 3D models on any work stage, which makes the process transparent, and the outcome — predictable.

#5. Time Difference and Language Barrier Are Obstacles

CG Render For Elegant Mirrors

If the outsource 3D modeling studio is situated in a distant country, the Manufacturer might be concerned about the language barrier and time difference. What if 3D modelers come from a foreign country and speak a different language? Or how will one communicate with the project workers, if there’s, say, a 10-hour time difference?

The truth is, neither language nor time can hamper the work with professional outsource 3D modeling services. High-end 3D firms have 24/7 client support service, so if the customer has an urgency, he can contact the manager anytime. What is more, professional 3D modeling firms offer timeliness guarantee. This way, the Manufacturer knows that he will get 3D models on time, or otherwise will receive a total refund. And as for the language barrier, it is never an issue with the professional companies since they hire only those specialists who speak fluent English.

The myths about CGI services do not correspond to reality. The truth is that CGI providers invest time and resources in maintaining high-quality output, for reputation is everything in their business. Moreover, they take great care to protect confidential data. For that purpose, their lawyers create NDAs and develop internal policy, ensuring that no 3D Artist will disclose anything project-related. Apart from discretion, outsource 3D modeling services take projects of any scale and guarantee comfortable conditions for collaboration — using professional CRM systems. Sounds impressive? Then try it for yourself. Contact our 3D modeling company and get both highly accurate and photorealistic 3D assets!

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