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3D Illustration for Outstanding Product Catalog

3D Product Illustration Service: How It Makes a Brand`s Product Catalog Stand Out

Many product makers face this situation where their catalogs just don’t inspire people to buy. Oftentimes, the reason is neither the product itself nor the amount of money spent on advertising. It’s the visuals that don’t do the items any justice. This is where manufacturers might start thinking about using 3D product illustration service.

Now, some advocates of traditional product photography tend to spread rather groundless myths about its counterpart - digital product rendering. However, the standards set by multinational giants of major industries from consumer electronics to fashion simply cannot be met without the use of computer-generated imagery. Moreover, their cases should not only destroy any doubts regarding 3D illustration service, but also motivate small and medium businesses to do the same. So, let’s see how CGI makes a brand’s catalog stand out, online and offline.

#1. 3D Product Illustration Provides a Huge Variety of Silo Images

3D Product Illustration Service Variety of Visuals

First of all, 3D product illustration service allows to produce a great variety of silo, or white-background images. Those are absolutely essential for both catalogs and ecommerce listings. However, most brands limit their silo images to front and corner views. So, to make a catalog stand out, one can try adding more types of product images to them.

CGI technology makes it possible to effortlessly show any number of product variations in any kind of layout. For instance, one 3D model of a chair can be demonstrated in numerous different colors, separately or in group shots. And there is absolutely no need to manufacture those chairs in real life.

Furthermore, with 3D illustration service, the quality of images remains perfectly consistent from hero shots to extreme close-ups. Then, it’s also possible to create a component view showing a product’s inner structure. This is an efficient way to demonstrate unique qualities of items with complex, innovative design. Needless to say, it’s very difficult and wasteful to achieve that with photography.

#2. It Allows to Effortlessly Create Trendy Lifestyle Pictures

Lifestyle 3D Product Illustration

The main purpose of lifestyle product images is to show items in a real-life context, as well as to appeal to specific target audiences. Now, this is where a brand must truly get smart and creative to stand out. Firstly, it’s necessary to consider the actual lifestyle preferences of the target audiences a company wants to appeal to. Secondly, it’s crucial to constantly research the trends to keep the catalog images fresh and eye-catching. However, one must remember to align them with the existing brand identity.

Using 3D product illustration service, a company can go for literally any style, layout, and props selection. Because professional CGI studios normally have access to massive libraries of ready 3D models, as well as complete lifestyle scenes. They can be used as they are or customized according to a brand’s request.

The fact that there’s no need to rent or buy anything makes compelling visuals affordable to virtually any business. Plus, CGI tools make it easier to maintain visual identity. So, with catalogs full of trendy lifestyle pictures, brands can get attention from their target audiences, build loyalty and, ultimately, increase their sales.

#3. 3D Product Illustration Gives Life to Fantasy Visuals

3D Product Illustration Surroundings

Now, realistic product surroundings are great, but what about fantasy ones? With the short attention spans and oversaturation of content we are dealing with today, brands benefit tremendously from out-of-the-box visuals. Here, photorealistic product rendering service allows to put items in the jungle, on clouds, in space, or just against a bright color splash - you name it. This way, marketers can finally unleash the power of their imagination and use all their creativity to create outstanding catalogs.

#4. It’s the Best Way to Show Product Kit Layouts

Showing Product Kits with 3D Illustration

Next, using 3D product illustration service is arguably the best way to showcase product kit layouts. Let’s take a vacuum cleaner, for instance. There are so many types of those, which often come with a bunch of extra parts. And very specific requirements for bags and filters as well. So, how does one show everything instantly and in one place without scaring the customer away?

Well, 3D illustration service allows to create a clean layout featuring every item of a kit without making it look cluttered. This way, everything can be on display within one image. Which is very informative for online shoppers browsing through the pages, comparing products briefly. As a result, they experience less stress. Because they know they don’t have to go through all the product descriptions to find the right kit. And that brings them closer to making a purchase.

#5. 3D Product Illustration Can Be Livened Up With AR

AR Technology for Ecommerce

In this case, 3D product illustration service comes in handy for both digital and printed catalogs. The thing is, customers often hesitate to make a purchase, especially a big one, when they aren’t sure if the product will into their home. So, it’s useful to provide them with some extra visuals that can be more informative than regular ones. And more fun to interact with as well. Yes, it’s augmented reality.

For example, a person is browsing a furniture catalog at home, willing to buy a coffee table. On the page with a table they like they see a little sign. It’s telling them the product can be viewed in AR mode. They take their smartphone, scan the sign, and now they can see the coffee table right in their living room. Its size and proportions are just like in real life, so it’s easy to tell if it fits into the room and whether it looks good there. If it does, a company gets another happy buyer - so simple!

Well, those were the 5 main ways 3D product illustration service can make a brand’s catalog stand out. Overall, CGI tools provide numerous possibilities to present products in the most flattering ways. 3D images can show items from any imaginable angle, in any surroundings, and even in a customer’s own home. As a result, customers get more interested in the brand, more engaged and loyal. And that, in turn, leads to sky-high customer retention and sales rates.

Are you interested in using 3D modeling and rendering services to make your products shine? Contact us and we’ll make that happen quicker than you can imagine!

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