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How Does 3D Modeling Studio Work


3D modeling studio outsourcing is a common and effective solution for furniture producers. It’s comfortable, profitable, it perfectly shows future products for advertising materials and there is no need to keep in-house 3D Artists. Today we’ll explore how to ease your cooperation with such studios.

The thing that not everyone knows about 3D modeling studios though is how the work process in such companies is organised. Not knowing this causes misunderstandings and delays. Nobody wants that to happen, so UFO3D would like to shed some light on the issue. In this article we’ll explain how our studio works and how we manage to cooperate with multiple companies simultaneously. Here are steps of any project processing in our 3D modeling company.

#1. Submitting The Order

furniture cg lifestyle

The first thing customer does is sign up at the 3D modeling studio website and submit their order. It’s important to add all necessary files, such as blueprints or other specifications. Another helpful feature that UFO3D provides is a huge catalog of designs and items to make choice and customisation easier, if customers are not sure about what they want to see.

#2. Establishing Project Goals

photoreal 3d rendering

After the project is started, a customer is contacted by 3D modeling studio and provided with a personal project manager. This person studies all provided information to clarify the goals and tasks. During this stage it’s important to set the deadlines and what the end result should look like. “ What will be the further use of the models - printing, visualization or apps?”, “Is there a need for modifications, and what kind of?”, “Is there a limit to polygon count?” - these are few of the typical questions asked at this part of project. This way, a good personal project manager can make sure that the results come in the shortest amount of time and that there will be little to none extra unnecessary work to be done.

#3. Modeling And Texturing

textured and rendered 3d model

This is where 3D modeling studio shifts focus from negotiations to acting. The task is submitted to a team of 3D modelers which immediately start working on the project. First step is creating an actual three-dimensional object with splines or polygons. Then a raw model is given a texture and, if that’s a part of an order, placed in context - a so-called lifestyle image.

#4. Corrections

3d rendering of furniture set

Even in best circumstances, this stage is crucial for getting the best results. 3D modeling is a creative process, and if 3D modelers don’t have real items to work with they have to add details based on their artistic prowess and taste. Due to constant feedback that 3D modeling studio provides, it’s possible to observe task progress at any time - and if something doesn’t look like customer has intended, some corrections can save the project. UFO3D studio provides corrections that don’t exceed 20% of initial budget.

#5. Project Finish

product 3d modeling

After corrections 3D modeling studio sends the task or tasks to the client. This is where arranged studio’s PM contacts the customer to arrange further cooperation. 3D models are not the only thing that can be ordered - full-scale lifestyle or white backdrop visualizations, animation or an instruction that explains product features to buyers or retailers. And this is job for studio’s 3D artists or animators.

We hope this short guide to 3D modeling studio work structure was informative. Now that you understand how our company works, there will be less or no misunderstandings in the future. If you haven’t outsourced furniture rendering projects to studios before or want to enhance your sales with beautiful three-dimensional models, consider starting today. Get high-quality 3D models with our professional 3D modeling services.

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