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5 Facts A Furniture MArketer Needs To Know About 3D Modeling Process


3D Modeling Process is a challenge that brings amazing results. The majority of furniture marketers have already recognised the potential of CGI and employ it en masse. Some of marketers use CGI for creating product catalogs, some for online marketing but every furniture marketer should know what possibilities 3D Modeling gives. What makes it so effective for promotional materials? What limitations does it have? How precisely it demonstrates the advantages of your furniture? If you find yourself struggling with answers, we’re here to help.Today we answer some of the questions you might have about 3D Modeling Process!

1. 3D Modeling is not “cheap”, but much cheaper than classic means.

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Traditional ways of product rendering are taxing. The Process of setting up the scene, constructing props and doing the photoshoot takes a lot of time and money. 3D Modeling Process, on the other hand, requires objectively less resources. But it doesn’t mean that this is cheap - 3D Artists’ efforts are outstanding and worth gold, after all! In the end, you get a better product for a lower price.

2. 3D Modeling pushes boundaries instead of setting them.

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3D Modeling Programs are constantly evolving, expanding the toolset and possibilities. When you work with modern 3D Rendering studios, you shouldn’t expect Toy Story levels of quality. What you see in today’s computer games, movies and cartoons show what the industry is really capable of creating. And technological perfection Process doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

3. Photorealisic CGI pieces are indistinguishable from any accurate 2D representation.

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HD Textures, Motion Capture, objects consisting of millions of polygons or meshes - those are fancy terms that ultimately mean one thing: computer-generated imagery can look indistinguishable from even the best photos. Cyberpunk levels of artificial photorealism are not just possible, but already present. In a few years you won’t be able to differentiate between real world and VR or AR. Scary? Exciting? Regardless, you get a fully interactive photorealistic CGI addition to your catalogs!

4. 3D Modeling Process is mathematically precise.

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Furniture Design requires precision - any miscalculation results in a failed product. Computers get rid of such possibilities entirely - someone really has to tinker with programming to make it prone to error. As such, during 3D Modeling Process software points out any mathematical or geometric inconsistencies and usually auto-corrects them or prompts how it has to be done. It ensures that in the end you get a product that is flawless due to lack of man-made mistake in numbers!

5. 3D allows infinite possibilities for prototyping.

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Creating prototypes used to be a nightmare due to mountains of used materials. But 3D is the solution to it too. Since a 3D Model is a digital object, changes can be implemented instantly throughout the whole Rendering Process. Content creation is much easier when you are not limited by physical resources - mixing and matching, retexturing, recoloring and adjusting lighting can be done relatively quickly. Although it’s still easier to start from scratch rather than repair a flawed one.

We hope these facts about 3D Modeling Process have given you at least a glimpse of what it is. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Interested in cooperation? We will provide you with high-quality 3D Modeling Services for all your needs!

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